A Touching Moment

Whether you agree or disagree with the war in IRAQ, I think our men and women who are fighting this war are heroes.

Today, during a flight from Atlanta Georgia to Columbus Ohio, the flight attendant made a special announcement on the PA as the plane was about to land.

She told all of the passengers that there were two soldiers on board who were coming home from IRAQ for a 15 day leave.  These men hadn't seen their families in many months.  The flight attendant also asked that everyone remain in their seats so that these soldiers could exit the plane first and join their families as soon as possible.  Everyone on the plane applauded at this request.

And, after the plane arrived at the gate, everyone remained seated.  When the soldiers stood to collect their carry-on luggage, everyone applauded again.  In fact, the cheers and applause continued until the door was opened and these men exited through the door.  My eyes were filled with water.  I was very happy for these men, though I doubt I was as happy as they were to be home. 

Whether you agree with this war or not, no matter your political orientation, when you see men and women dressed in uniform who are serving our country's "leadership", remember that they are the ultimate servant of our country.  Please thank them for their service.

Thank you,