Fell off a horse

Hello readers,

Where has the time gone? I have to say I think about writing in my blog almost every day, but this is often a fleeting thought when there isn't a computer nearby. Things are extremely busy at DBI these days; we've got a lot going on. Still, this is no excuse for my shameful neglect of my blog. So, here I am at midnight on Tax day 2007, getting back up on the horse after my fall. Please pardon my absence.

We had to shut down the posting of comments to our blogs - it seems people promoting web sites of ill-repute will stop at nothing when it comes to advertising their filthy URLs. Well, we cleaned those up and will strive to maintain professionalism. If you do see something offensive here, our apologies in advance. Please Contact Us and we'll promptly remove the offensive content.

I think my younger daughter has grown about 5 inches since my last blog post. I should probably stop putting Miracle Gro in her milk. But as I watch her grow up so fast, I'm thinking a lot about values and finding ways to teach values. There are some values that I believe are particularly valuable and important, though I recognize and appreciate that everyone may have different priorities for their values.

We have a strong value system at DBI, too. In some of my future posts, I'll write about our values and why they are important.

And for the technical followers amongst you, yes, I suppose I'll write about DATABASES from time to time. IBM has a lot going on with DB2, as usual, and Larry over at Oracle is keeping us busy and entertained as well. It's a great time to be a database professional - everyone is doing it all over the world. In fact, the rush to become a database professional or Java programmer has quite possibly contributed to the shortage of tractor trailer truck drivers in the United States and global warming worldwide.

Now that I've finally picked up my keyboard to post a blog entry, I am feeling a rush of excitement just like when you do get back on a horse after falling off. Now, I want to ride and ride, but time is running short. It's time to say farewell for tonight, tomorrow is another day.

With best regards,