Achieving Milestones

On Saturday, March 17, 2007, I flew on Delta from Louisville KY to Las Vegas NV via a stop in Atlanta GA. At some magical moment between Atlanta and Las Vegas, Delta's flight records indicate that I have successfully flown more than 1,000,000 miles. For this great achievement, which, they say, "fewer than 1% of our frequent fliers ever achieve", I received a congratulatory letter, spiffy new luggage tags, lifetime silver medallion status, and my choice of a new piece of luggage. I am pleased to report that, as of 1,019,680 miles, this new luggage hasn't be lost yet - not even once.

1,000,000 miles seems like a good time to reflect upon one's life. At an average of 2,500 miles per trip, this suggests I've taken maybe 400 trips. With an average ticket price of $500 (certainly some have been much higher and others have been lower), perhaps I've put $200,000 into Delta's bank account. It is a nice piece of Hartman luggage which incidentally fits into the Size Wise carry-on tester...

Next month, in San Jose California, I will participate in my 19th consecutive IDUG North America conference. I've contributed to IDUG as a speaker every year since 1997 - making 10 years of presentations. Fortunately, I enjoy teaching and writing. And, of course, I'm flying Delta to get to SJC.

With so much travel, I'll tell you I'm struggling with Waist Management. The life of a road warrior can be very difficult on one's diet. I started the year at 205 LBS with a goal of dropping to 180 by year's end. Despite running three to four miles 3-5 times per week and "eating better" (when possible), today's weight is 198. I have more work to do. Interestingly, back when I flew my first mile with Delta, I probably weighed 160 LBS. Unfortunately, I can't blame the 40 LB gain entirely on airplane peanuts. There are simply just too many awesome restaurants across America and around the globe.

As for DBI, we'll be two years old this July 15th. Last year, 2006, was our first full year of operations. We achieved $3M revenue and profitability in 2006, a remarkable milestone for a young company. We'll have more exciting news and achievements coming in 2007 as we grow from two dozen employees towards 30-40.

That's it for today, I need to catch a Taxi to the Chicago ISACA Chapter Group meeting - roughly the 10th ISACA Chapter I've spoken to this year.