Garbage Disposal

This weekend I put some melon rinds into my kitchen garbage disposal, turned on the cold water, and flipped on the power switch. The disposal began with a loud roar that I had become accustomed too while making its dreadful chopping noises. After a minute, the raucous stopped and turned into a motor hum, the kitchen lights went dim, then smoke started coming up from the sink drain. "Clink" was the last sound I heard as the safety circuit breaker turned off the power.

It didn't take very long until I began to see a river of dirty sink water streaming across my kitchen floor. I knew it was time for a trip down the road to my nearby Home Depot store.

At the store, I reviewed several new disposal options and features. Back in the late 1980's, I used to put Emerson E10 or E20 units into rental properties. These lower end units got the job done, with a fair amount of noise, and a minimal warranty.

This time, since this was my first disposal purchase in many years, and since I prefer spending my time doing things other than home repairs, I decided to go with a near top of the line Insinkerator model. The box packaging promised that the disposal would be very quiet and provide optimum chopping of food waste.

After a bit of a struggle, I won the fight against the old disposal and freed it from my kitchen sink. Much to my surprise, the unit I pulled out was an Emerson E20 - the same model I was installing in rental properties years ago.

The installation of the Insinkerator went smoothly. After two years of being focused on the software industry, it was refreshing and rewarding to "play plumber" and complete a home improvement on my own. I imagine you can relate to the satisfaction.

As per the instructions, I turned on the cold water and checked for leaks. There weren't any. Next I turned on the power switch.

Remarkable. Wonderful. Awesome.

These words can only begin to express my joy over how quiet the new unit was as it produced its barely audible purr. I added some lime peels and cantaloupe rinds. I heard a very quiet clink clink, like a gentle tapping sound, as the new disposal made quick work of sending the food debris down my pipes.

What a difference technology advancements can make! For almost four years since moving Austin TX, I have suffered with excruciatingly loud window rattling noise with old Emerson E20 unit. Sure, it was doing the job, but in hindsight I wish I had taken the time to "play plumber" three years ago, for now I had a much better, much quieter, tool in my kitchen - and I do like to cook.

And isn't this a metaphor for our business lives? How often do we hear "If it isn't broke, don't fix it"? We may have tools and processes in place, and rather than invest in new technology, we maintain the status quo because "it isn't broke". The problem is, we're often unaware of how much better things could be.

So, I'd like you to consider giving some new performance tools for DB2 LUW a test drive. DBI's Brother-Panther™ and Brother-Eagle™ provide features and capabilities unlike you've ever seen before:

  • A Database Score - like a credit score - that assesses a database's performance health and efficiency so there's no need to digest 20-30 different metrics for every database
  • A Database Summary, with scores and key metrics, so you can perform database triage quickly
  • Database Score reports - like your credit report - that provide you with insight into why a given database received a less than perfect score
  • Integrated work flows that guide you through bufferpool performance analysis, to tablespaces, to tables, and then to the problematic Statements driving the I/O to those tables, and then to interfaces with Explain and the Design Advisor
  • Performance trend charts with integrated, correlated change events, so you can see the impact of configuration and physical design changes on database performance

And DBI is making it easy to become a Performance Hero in your organization (earn valuable rewards and gift certificates too). Just register on our site, download and install Brother-Panther, and you should be performing performance miracles in a matter of minutes. See for yourself what a difference in upgraded technology can do for you and your organization. It may be time to upgrade.

With best regards,