Vision and Values

We enlighten, equip, and empower heroes for IT performance and auditing success every day.

Being helpful is our number one most important company value. We help each other. We help our customers. Everyone on our team is uncommonly, extraordinarily helpful. It just tickles us pink when we help someone dramatically improve the performance of a database or achieve their audit requirements.

Just the other day we helped a customer in Illinois discover several database performance problems they were not aware of. We found an SQL statement that was using 41% of the CPU in the database - it was missing an index and scanning thousands of rows with each execution. In less than two hours, the performance of the application was dramatically improved!

Another customer was amazed when our support staff spent four hours on the phone with him helping him tune his database. In an age when many support calls are routed to a foreign country and it is difficult to keep a support person on the phone for ten minutes, suffice it to say that we greatly exceeded this customer's expectations.

Different people enjoy doing different things. Some like to knit socks, others like to exercise or cook, we like to help people solve database problems and improve efficiency. For us, helping a company accelerate its business is like solving a numbers puzzle - it's fun, and it feels good to help others achieve their goals.

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