The Bucket List - What do you want to do?

Every once in a while, you see a movie that stimulates your brain and gets you thinking about your priorities. The Bucket List is one such movie. I laughed, I cried, and it forced me to think about some of the things that I value and would like to achieve. At the time of this blog post, I'm about 46 so I need to get busy on making some changes.

DBI's culture is critically important to me. This is a place where we work and have fun helping each other and our customers. Being helpful is our #1 core value. Being helpful isn't always easy, so the challenge is to make being helpful fun and rewarding.

A few years ago, I read about a rare company that team members simply loved working for. In many ways, this company challenged the status quo. As a bit of a rebellious rule breaker myself, I admired many of the initiatives this company had undertaken and hoped that, someday, I would be able to create a similar culture at DBI.

On my Bucket List:

  • Create and sustain a team work environment that is fun and celebrates helpfulness and success
  • Implement extraordinary team member benefits that reward team members for deeds well done
  • Provide uncommon team member benefits that help team members recharge and sustain high levels of helpfulness
2008 Implementation
  • There are about 12 national holidays throughout the year. DBI is adding 5 additional "holidays" so that each and every month (including February, March/April, June, August, and October) every team member will have a 3 day weekend. In short, EVERY MONTH has a 3 Day weekend, or more, for every team member. Customers, don't worry. These extra holidays are implemented on a staggered rotation so that DBI will be open for business on the days you expect.
  • Each team member has been given several recognition coupons with varying bonus dollar denominations. Team members are now empowered to bestow cash bonuses on any other DBI team member for extraordinary deeds well done.
  • And here's the kicker - PAID VACATIONS - not to be confused with just paid time off (or vacation time). Beginning in summer 2008, DBI will be paying team members to go on pre-approved trip vacations up to a maximum benefit limit. Trains, planes, automobile rentals, buses, hotels, amusement tickets, hotels, motels, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and more are reimbursable. Get out of town and go have some fun!
You might be wondering how DBI can do this. It's really pretty simple. We help a lot of people at a lot of companies. We help IT heroes everyday. We help them lower costs and improve performance. We help them identify problems and opportunities, isolate the exact sources, and implement measurable solutions. We equip our customers with the right tools and the right knowledge to be successful in a volatile world.

I should mention we love helping our customers save money too. Unfortunately, too many organizations have been burned by too many ISVs too often. You will find doing business with the helpful people at DBI to be uncommonly refreshing and fair. In fact, this quarter DBI is offering Enterprise Licenses with unlimited CPU capacity at prices that pleasantly surprise purchasing departments. Some think the deals are too good to be true. Find out for yourself: Contact DBI


PS - As for the rest of my Bucket List...

  • Visit Sweden and Finland during the month of June when the days are long and warm
  • Ride my Harley to Sturgis, Daytona, and Milwaukee
  • Walk my daughters down the aisle and "give them away" to a perfect gentleman
  • Run in a 10K race, and finish before they take down the free snacks and party at the end
  • Be known world-wide for having helped a lot of people
  • Throw a really big party for friends I have, and new ones I haven't yet met