One Neck to Choke

I think I have heard this a few too many times. I would like to find the genius who first came up with this mantra and choke their neck.

Do you only have a general practitioner doctor? Do you see an oncologist when you have a tooth ache? If you were diagnosed with terminal cancer, would you not seek treatment advice from multiple doctors and then select the one with the most promising methods? I hope that you will not have your general practitioner or family doctor perform your heart bypass if you need one.

If your one neck to choke vendor only sells hammers, soon your problems may begin to all look like nails. Have you considered an alternate vendor that provides nail guns?

If your one neck to choke database vendor wants to sell you his or her performance tools, isn't that like having the fox watch the hen house?

DBI helps hundreds of customers around the world run their businesses faster and more efficiently. During calendar Q2 2008 DBI ran a Tune Your Database for Charity contest. 100% of the databases submitted were ripe with performance problems, inefficiencies, or substantial "opportunities for improvement". Remarkably, over half of the contestants already had licenses for the database vendor's performance tool. The contest winner was able to shave hours off data warehouse end user queries by using DBI's performance tools.

If you are faced with GREEN IT initiatives and performance management challenges, I assure you that DBI can help you be successful beyond your wildest objectives. We are the oncologists of DB2 LUW and Oracle database performance and efficiency. If you have another name brand database, please see a proctologist. We are not one neck to choke and do not aim to be, but every customer gets my cell phone number and I welcome calls 24x7 if DBI's products or services ever fail to please you.

Do you have Sam Palmisano's cell phone number? Larry Ellison's? Vinny Smith's? Steve Ballmer's?

Does your database "Self Tune" itself but you are still faced with hardware upgrades? Don't worry - the fox is watching the hen house.

In this current economy, more than ever, do you not have a fiduciary due diligence responsibility to seek out best of breed IT solutions that provide the most value?

Freedom of choice is what separates advanced nations from those with lower standards of living. If you choose to surrender your freedom of choice to your one neck to choke vendor, then you are forfeiting your optimum opportunities for success and surrendering to mediocrity.

When you are seriously interested in maximum DB2 LUW and Oracle performance, efficiency, and security with lower IT costs, just click here to contact DBI. Evaluations, trials, proofs of value, and second opinions are still free.

Thanks for reading,