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The DB2Night Show #64: Top Things I learned at IDUG EMEA

December 2, 2011, 6:11 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW

Special Guest: Norberto Gasparotto Filho, IBM

In episode #64, our special guest Norberto did a brilliant job of highlighting the top things he learned while attending IDUG EMEA in Prague. It was like "IDUG's Greatest Hits." For each technical session that Norberto attended, he shared excerpts and some of the most important, most valuable tips. He also talked a bit about his IDUG experience and the great value that he received. 94% of our studio audience indicated that they learned something! (I suppose the other 6% attended IDUG EMEA themselves and this show was review) WHAT DID YOU MISS?? Watch the replay...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

It was a genuine pleasure meeting Norberto at IDUG EMEA. I am very proud of him and his achievements. Winning DB2's GOT TALENT 2011 has elevated his stature within IBM and increased his visibility in the DB2 community. He is humble and kind, and he has a gift for sharing DB2 knowledge in simple ways, with examples, that are easy to understand.

Norberto requested that I include a link to his blog in this replay announcement. Norberto's blog contains several links to additional resources that he mentioned during this show. CLICK HERE to access Norberto's blog on IBM Developer Works.

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Episode #64, 2 December 2011, Top Things I learned at IDUG EMEA with guest Norberto Gasparotto Filho

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