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The DB2Night Show #40: DB2'S GOT TALENT a Brilliant Success!!

In our kickoff event for DB2's GOT TALENT, several contestants shared DB2 tips and lessons learned. Many of the topics presented were absolutely brilliant and helpful! Congratulations to JB, Mary, and Norberto! Our contest judges selected you to advance to the March finals! You have also won $50 Gift Certificates!

Were you unable to join us in the studio audience? Watch the replay...

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by Scott in Cross Platform

The DB2Night Show #31: Valuable SQL Lessons Learned with Sheryl Larsen

DB2 SQL Valuable Lessons Learned - Cross Platform

IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant Sheryl Larsen shares DIRTY LAUNDRY ...

In episode #31, special guest Sheryl Larsen, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant and Owner, aired her dirty laundry! Well, her client's dirty laundry that is! In this informative episode, Sheryl examined SQL performance lessons learned from recent consulting engagements with clients. The SQL information provided applies to DB2 z/OS and LUW! Learn about indexes, stages, sargability, and so much more! Watch the replay to learn from her wisdom...

We'd also like to bring to your attention some upcoming shows:

  • OCT 15 - DB2 LUW Performance Tuning Lessons Learned with special guest Martin Hubel, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant. Really - you don't want to miss this - even if you don't have SAP!
  • NOV 5 - The SQL Snapshot Potluck Party is BACK! Share your favorite SQL Snapshot command and receive the source code for the entire collection!
  • NOV 19 - What's new and COOL with DB2 LUW with guest George Baklarz, IBM
For show details, free registrations, and replays, kindly visit

Finally, also on 21 January 2011 at 2pm Central, DBI is offering a free Webinar "TEN SQL Snapshot commands you MUST run TODAY!" - this is a derivative work of Scott Hayes' IDUG Regional technical session. Attendees will receive the SOURCE CODE for these invaluable commands. DETAILS and REGISTRATION.

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by Scott in Cross Platform

The DB2Night Show #19: Making it BIG in Software, Sam Lightstone, Author

In our 19th show, we were joined by special guest Sam Lightstone, IBM STSM. Sam is the author of a new book "Making it BIG in Software". During this show, Sam shared some excellent advice with us on how to advance our careers. Frankly, I think it was some of the best advice I've heard in years. Check out the 5 great ideas that Sam shared and start earning bigger paychecks... icon_biggrin

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by Scott in Cross Platform

The DB2Night Show #12: DB2 Information Resources

In our 12th show, special guest Susan Visser, Publishing Program Manager, IBM, introduced us to "The Wild Wonderful World of DB2 Information Resources". I had no idea that there were so many free and inexpensive resources available for quality DB2 information. Watch the replay of this episode to learn about the best blogs, best selling DB2 books, and the best websites for DB2 Information...

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by Scott in Cross Platform
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