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Advice: Pkg Hit%

The PCKCACHESZ database configuration parameter specifies the amount of memory DB2 has available for storing compiled or prepared SQL statements. This memory is used to avoid the cost of prepares and I/O to the catalog.

When the Package Cache Hit Ratio is high, this is good because it means DB2 is avoiding I/O to the Catalog tables to load packages (Static SQL) or avoiding having to re-prepare frequently executed dynamic SQL statements.

Brother-Eagle will indicate a warning if the Package Cache Hit Ratio is 90% or less and an alert status if 80% or less.

If the Package Cache Hit Ratio is less than 90%, consider increasing the PCKCACHESZ by 5% increments until a hit ratio of 90% or higher is achieved. Achieving 90% or higher is especially important for databases that make extensive use of static SQL or stored procedures. Database environments with mostly dynamic SQL and very little static SQL may have difficulty reaching the 90% goal.

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