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Advice: Sort Time(ms)

This metric shows the average sort time duration as computed by (TOTAL_SORT_TIME / TOTAL_SORTS). Brother-Eagle presents this metric as a delta between collection intervals so that you can determine if average sort times are improving or degrading.

Average Sort Time can be improved by reducing the number (and percentage) of Sort Overflows, by making sorts smaller, and by reducing the total number of sorts in the database.

To improve average sort times, analyze the SQL workload to find statements with the highest aggregate Sort and CPU costs, then implement Clustering indexes, MDC tables, or MQTs to abate the sort costs. For best results in the least amount of time, DBI suggests using Brother-Panther™ for DB2 LUW.

Brother-Eagle will indicate a warning if the average Sort Time(ms) reaches 25ms and an alert status if the average Sort Time exceeds 50ms.

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