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Our Contest

Martin Hubel
Martin Hubel
IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant
IBM Champion

Iqbal Goralwalla
Iqbal Goralwalla
IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant
IBM Champion

Klaas Brant
Klaas Brant
IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant
IBM Champion

The DB2Night Show™

2016 DB2's GOT TALENT Contest
-- Covering both DB2 LUW and z/OS


Suggested Topics

  • dashDB
  • IBM in the Cloud experiences
  • BIGDATA, Analytics, involving IBM technology
  • IBM Watson
  • BLU experiences
  • Using new V10.5 Features
  • Indexes on Expressions and Index Techniques
  • Using new V10.1 Features
  • Tell us about your query from hell and how you fixed it
  • Tell us about a significant tuning achievement
  • How do you back up your databases?
  • How do you know your database backups are successful?
  • How do you restore databases or tablespaces?
  • What High Availability solutions or techniques do you use?
  • How do you monitor your databases? What do you look for?
  • Without revealing sensitive information, how have you implemented DB2 Security? Roles? RACF? Groups?
  • How have you set up database auditing?
  • Tell us about your experiences with Compression
  • Tell us about using Solid State Disk (SSD)
  • How are you using new features of the latest DB2 versions?
  • How do you work with application development to ensure performance?
  • How do you investigate locking symptoms? Solve?
  • What special configuration settings do you use? Why?
  • How did your last implementation of DB2 maintenance go? Gotchas?
  • How do you measure performance improvements or degradations after applying a new application release?
  • What happened when you tested database recovery?
  • How do you configure and tune your bufferpools?
  • How do you monitor and manage table spaces?
  • Any experience with Oracle Enablement or Sybase skins?
  • Have you used Currently Committed lock isolation? Results?
  • How do you determine which indexes can be dropped?
  • Any experience with automatic tuning?
  • Have you used Multi-Dimensional Clustering Tables? Results?
  • How do you partition your data? Why?
  • Have you used Materialized Query Tables? Results?
  • How do you interpret Explains?
  • How do you manage query access plans?
  • When do you REORG? Why?
  • How do you monitor utilities?
  • How and when do you RUNSTATS? Why? Results?
  • ...What did you do yesterday?!?!?!?


  1. Want to be a contestant? Download the Application (Application2016.doc), complete it, then return it to "db2sgottalent" "at" "".
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