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Stability, Reliability, and Uptime

Customer satisfaction and productivity requires speed, stability, reliability, and uptime. No one likes a slow system, and a system that is unavailable can result in lost revenue or worse consequences. Fast systems that are reliable make people happy, improve productivity, and increase revenue.

Healthy Trusted Systems

Not only do internal and external customers desire fast system response times, but they also expect trusted systems that will be available and reliable. DBI provides an industry breakthrough capability that makes it easy to measure response times, Service Level Agreement attainments, and rapidly isolate resource bottlenecks and causes of performance degradation. If, for example, you want 95% or more of transactions to complete in one second or less, and this SLA isn't being met, you can receive an email alert and discover the root cause problems with just ONE mouse click. As DBA teams work with the DBI tools through a number of iterations of identifying, isolating, and resolving database performance deficiencies, systems become much more reliable, predictable, and achieve greater uptime statistics without incidents.
  • Think about it. When successful database tuning puts database transaction processing costs on a diet, the entire system becomes healthier and less prone to failures.

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