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Brother-Panther® for DB2 LUW - Database & SQL Tuning Solution

Brother-Panther provides a major breakthrough in performance analysis and change management. Brother-Panther KNOWS what changed, when, and how changes influenced performance. Rich performance analytics and intuitive workflows make performance remediation and tuning a snap!
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Brother-Hawk™ for DB2 LUW - Advanced Lights-Out Alerting

Brother-Hawk is a separately licensable add-on component to DBI's Brother-Panther. Brother-Hawk sends automated, customized, meaningful alerts based on the characteristics of real-time and recently collected data. Get total control, 24/7!
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Brother-Thoroughbred® for DB2 LUW - Response Time Analysis & SLA Attainment Solution

Brother-Thoroughbred provides industry breakthrough database measurements for transaction times, time distributions, and service level attainments. Easily determine if a performance problem is a database problem, or not. If a problem is a database problem, Brother-Thoroughbred will show you where the resource bottleneck is (CPU, I/O, Sorts, Locks) and guide you towards a quick solution.
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Brother-Eagle® for DB2 LUW - Real-Time Monitoring Solution

Monitors database health and efficiency Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time with drill downs to connection details. An innovative "stock-ticker" presentation continuously updates KPIs but doesn't waste your entire screen. You can also add your own KPIs and drill downs - a great way to make SQL Snapshots more useful.
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