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FAQ 1: I'm having trouble joining.
ANS 1: It's rare, but sometimes firewalls get in the way. For solutions, visit Citrix Firewalls

FAQ 2: Can I get a PDF copy of the slides?
ANS 2: Unlikely, but sometimes slide excerpts are made available. We protect the intellectual property of our guests.

FAQ 3: Why is the show called The DB2Night Show when the events are held during the day?
ANS 3: Like many late night TV Shows, recordings actually occur during the daytime with live studio audiences. How many of you would get out of bed at 11pm to watch DB2 on TV?

FAQ 4: The show recordings occur during US time zones. What about those of us in Europe and Australia?
ANS 4: Our challenge is finding show guests. Help us find guests that won't have to get out of bed at 2am and we will be happy to do studio audience live shows at peak European and Australian times.

FAQ 5: How do we become a sponsor of the show?
ANS 5: Email "db2nightshow" "at" "" for a prospectus.

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The DB2Night Show™

Educate. Inform. Entertain.

The DB2Night Show has the simple mission of building a fun, interactive community around IBM® DB2®. Each episode will include fun stuff, education, tips, and special guests. Guests will range from industry experts to "Joe the DBA".



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SEASON #7 - Let's Learn!

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#166 DB2
60 Mins
DB2 LUW Tips and Tricks: UNIX, SQL scripts and more for Lazy DBAs
A "Lazy" DBA is one who strives to be extremely efficient by using technology to its fullest extent. In the world of shrinking IT budgets, DBAs are expected to support and administer lot more databases with the least possible head count. This presentation covers the thought process of a lazy DBA and details many tips and tricks in the form of UNIX and SQL scripts that were implemented by DBAs to become "lazy" (efficient with time and technology).
Details and Registration
Pavan Kristipati,
Huntington Bank
Pavan Kristipati on LinkedIn
#Z65 DB2
11 DEC
Implementing Expanded RBA/LRSN in DB2 11 for z/OS
DB2 11 for z/OS features the ability to expand the RBA and LRSN from 6 to 10 bytes. This feature is one of the biggest reasons that shops are migrating to DB2 11. This presentation will outline some of the challenges and get you ready to take on this migration soon after you reach DB2 11 New Function Mode.
David Simpson, Themis Inc.
David Simpson on LinkedIn

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#Z64 DB2
What Every DB2 for z/OS Professional Needs to Understand about IBM Disk and Tape Virtualization
Modern disk and tape does not resemble older technology. What is the real picture regarding modern disk and tape? How does the newer technology change the management of your DB2 environment? How does performance change? The real question is, why do I care about this new technology? Come and find the answers regarding the new technology, and how to best leverage it for your DB2 environment.
John Iczkovits, IBM
John Iczkovits on LinkedIn
#165 DB2
Assorted Real World DB2 LUW Essentials
IBM DB2 LUW 10.1/10.5 DB2 Certification Book authors Mohankumar Saraswatipura and Kent Collins return to share with us their insights on assorted useful DB2 topics! Think of this show as a buffet of DB2 knowledge...
Mohan Saraswatipura
Kent Collins
Mohan Saraswatipura on LinkedIn
Kent Collins on LinkedIn
#164 DB2
8 High-Impact Performance Tuning Tips for DB2 LUW OLTP and E-Commerce Databases
From finding problem indexes to where SSD will benefit your database the most, come learn the high impact areas that are worth spending your time on when tuning OLTP and e-commerce databases. Click register for more details!
Ember Crooks,
IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant,
Ember Crooks on LinkedIn
#Z63 DB2
DB2 for z/OS DBaaS and The Advantages of Automated Objects
Database as a service will be the future of DBMS processing. There are a very robust set of database features available on DB2 for z/OS. We'll discuss the advantages of database enforced structures and address the changing roles for DBAs and system administrators in the DBaaS era.
Dan Luksetich,
Dan Luksetich
#163 DB2
DB2 BLU : Concepts and Best Practices
Matt Huras from the IBM Canada Lab will be our guest. We had to book him EIGHT months in advance! Frankly, we're not sure what he'll talk about but we know that presentations from Matt are excellent!!!
Matt Huras,
IBM Canada
Matt Huras on LinkedIn
#162 DB2
DB2 LUW pureScale Performance
Based on his successful IDUG presentation, learn about DB2 LUW pureScale performance from Steve Rees, STSM, IBM. Presentation includes advice, best practices, sample SQL, monitoring, and more!
Steve Rees, IBM
Steve Rees on LinkedIn
#Z62 DB2
Where is the BiF?
We have used Built-in Functions since the beginning of DB2, however nowadays when DB2 releases come out some of our old friends do not quite work the way they used to. This presentation will explain what a BiF is, how you can find out details, and then will show real customer results from a BiF hunt.
Roy Boxwell, Software Engineering
Roy Boxwell on LinkedIn
#161 DB2
Who's Knocking at your Door?
Melanie Stopfer kicks off our 7th season by talking about DB2 LUW Database Security and Auditing. Unless you've been under a rock lately, surely you've heard about data breaches in the news. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Please join us!
Melanie Stopfer, IBM
Melanie Stopfer on LinkedIn
#142 DB2
Sage Advice - DB2 LUW Performance Tuning
Based on his Top 10 Rated IDUG Presentation, Scott presents sage advice for DB2 LUW Tuning based on 20+ years of experience and over 2,000,000 miles flown on Delta Airlines. Read the fine print: Studio Audience ATTENDEES will receive FREE SQLs that you will learn about in this presentation!
Scott Hayes
Scott Hayes, DBI Software
#Z54 DB2
Tuning zIIPs for Fun and Profit
In the past few releases, DB2 for z/OS has steadily increased its exploitation of zIIP speciality processors. This presentation will review DB2 zIIP usage by release, and provide the attendee with some practical guidance on zIIP capacity planning and usage monitoring.
Julian Stuhler
IBM Gold Consultant
Julian Stuhler
#Z60 DB2
SQL Performance for a Big Data 22 Billion row data warehouse
This presentation discusses the design, architecture, performance and complex SQL issues building and reporting within a big data analytics DW system. This presentation has 30 SQL tuning tips, the real life issues, agile SQL considerations and SQL design solutions, built in six months.
David Beulke
IBM Gold Consultant and Champion for IM
Dave Beulke

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