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FAQ 1: I'm having trouble joining.
ANS 1: It's rare, but sometimes firewalls get in the way. For solutions, visit Citrix Firewalls

FAQ 2: Can I get a PDF copy of the slides?
ANS 2: Unlikely, but sometimes slide excerpts are made available. We protect the intellectual property of our guests.

FAQ 3: Why is the show called The DB2Night Show when the events are held during the day?
ANS 3: Like many late night TV Shows, recordings actually occur during the daytime with live studio audiences. How many of you would get out of bed at 11pm to watch DB2 on TV?

FAQ 4: The show recordings occur during US time zones. What about those of us in Europe and Australia?
ANS 4: Our challenge is finding show guests. Help us find guests that won't have to get out of bed at 2am and we will be happy to do studio audience live shows at peak European and Australian times.

FAQ 5: How do we become a sponsor of the show?
ANS 5: Email "db2nightshow" "at" "" for a prospectus.

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The DB2Night Show™

Educate. Inform. Entertain.

The DB2Night Show has the simple mission of building a fun, interactive community around IBM® DB2®. Each episode will include fun stuff, education, tips, and special guests. Guests will range from industry experts to "Joe the DBA".



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Unless otherwise noted, all shows start at 8am Pacific, 9am Mountain, 10am Central, and 11am Eastern time. Adjust accordingly for Daylight Savings and International locations.

Show OS Date/Time Theme Guest(s) Photos
#138 DB2
5 SEPT 2014
90 Minutes
DB2 LUW V10.5 Tips, Upgrades, and Best Practices
Famous for her love of chocolate chip cookies, Melanie has educated millions of DB2 professionals around the world with her awesome classes and conference presentations. Don't miss her DB2 10.5 upgrade best practices and advice!

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Melanie Stopfer
Melanie Stopfer
#139 DB2
26 SEPT 2014
60 Minutes
Advanced "db2batch" utility tips and techniques!
On the heels of his very successful and popular appearance in Episode #136 on DB2 LUW locking, Paul Turpin returns to share with us his tips, techniques, and advice for using db2batch!

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Paul Turpin
Paul Turpin

Featured Popular Replays

Show OS Replay Link Theme Guest(s) Photos
#137 DB2
DB2 in the Cloud - an update with Leon Katsnelson, IBM
Sounds like a fluffy topic, but, if you haven't noticed, lately IBM and others have been making a lot of buzz about enabling technology for the cloud. Leon will bring us up to speed on cool things that IBM is doing!
Leon Katsnelson
IBM Canada
Leon Katsnelson
#136 DB2
Why Wait!?!? DB2 LUW Locking!
Based on his excellent IDUG presentation "Why Wait?", our special guest Paul Turpin, Sr. DBA at BB&T, will share invaluable information about DB2 LUW Locking.
Paul Turpin,
BB&T Bank
Paul Turpin
#135 DB2
DB2 DPF Successes: Monitoring and Tuning a hybrid IBM Infosphere Warehouse
Pavan Kristipati, Sr. DBA at Huntington Bank, will share his experiences with tuning a large hybrid DPF database. This presentation is based on his joint presentation with Scott Hayes, DBI, given at IDUG on May 15 (session C10, 9:15am). Check out Pavan's blogs at!
Pavan Kristipati,
Huntington Bank
Pavan Kristipati
#116 LUW
Intimate Details on DB2 BLU with Master Inventor Guy Lohman, IBM
Guy and his team invented BLU. It's his baby. He knows intimately how BLU works. During this special episode of The DB2Night Show, Guy will take us on a deep dive into what's under the covers of this IBM BREAKTHROUGH BLU technology.
Guy Lohman, IBM Guy Lohman
#111 LUW
Breaking News from IBM on DB2 LUW!
Special guest George Baklarz, IBM, will share with us the latest news on IBM DB2 for LUW. Find out about DB2 LUW 10.5 with BLU Acceleration and Big Data Announcements!
George Baklarz, IBM George Baklarz, IBM
#113 LUW
DB2 LUW Customer Success Story
DB2's GOT TALENT 2012 1st Place winner "Kohli" joins us to share his experiences with implementing and tuning a new DB2 LUW application at his company. His advice is priceless!
Kshitij Kohli,
Church Mutual Ins.
Kshitij Kohli, Church Mutual Insurance

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