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"We have seen benefits from day one... DBI tools highlight developing performance problems, allowing proactive work to be carried out..." Mr. Kumar, IT Director, Research Now
"DBI allows us to more accurately and rapidly isolate the root cause of performance issues and quickly develop an effective solution..." Patty Pritchard, Director, HealthPlan Services (HPS)
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  • Computes a performance score for each database
  • Provides expert advice and a comprehensive health check
  • Aggregates averages with total and relative costs
  • Allows for comparison of before and after metrics
  • Includes performance trend charts for all metrics
  • Stores several months or years of performance data
  • Integrates OS statistics such as CPU, Paging, and Memory
  • Shows how much time is spent inside and outside the DB
  • Provides index advise to improve statement performance
  • Scans entire workload to detect statement degradations
  • Displays side by side comparison of performance
  • Provides drill downs to the executed SQL by users
  • Recommends optimal use of Solid State Disk
  • Computes relational metrics and performance metrics
  • Monitors DB health with custom alert capabilities
  • Allows for follow up "Sticky Notes" on workload statements

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