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DBI Software (a division of 3rd Millennium, Inc.) was started on July 15, 2005. While our company may be “young”, our team is very well known and very experienced.


We help People achieve their goals and earn 5 star performance reviews. How can we help you?


We highly value honesty, integrity, innovation, helpfulness, and positive results. We have a lot of fun serving our customers because it’s fun to achieve great results and exceed people’s expectations. We practice Servant leadership. Helping each other and our customers is at the core of everything we do.


DBI customers span the globe in every industry and include Wall Street Banks,Auto Insurers, Retailers (including one of the top two), Insurance Companies, Transportation, State, Local, Federal, and International Governments, Higher Education, Energy Companies, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, and one of the top 3 Credit Reporting companies. Our valued customers are across the US, Poland, Italy, Germany, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South America, and pretty much every place on the map except the South Pole.


DBI partners are industry leaders with a strong commitment to serving their end customers with extraordinary service. DBI partners with organizations that have both strong database technical skills and passion for customer service excellence.


We have assembled a team of talented professionals with extensive DB2 UDB (LUW), development, customer service, and sales skills, and we are seeking to grow our team further. Collectively, our team has over 80 years of in-depth DB2 LUW. Think you might have what it takes to become a DBI team member? Please visit our careers page.


Brother-Panther® for DB2 LUW - Database & SQL Tuning Solution

Brother-Panther provides a major breakthrough in performance analysis and change management. Brother-Panther KNOWS what changed, when, and how changes influenced performance. Rich performance analytics and intuitive workflows make performance remediation and tuning a snap!
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Brother-Hawk™ for DB2 LUW - Advanced Lights-Out Alerting

Brother-Hawk is a separately licensable add-on component to DBI's Brother-Panther. Brother-Hawk sends automated, customized, meaningful alerts based on the characteristics of real-time and recently collected data. Get total control, 24/7!
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Brother-Thoroughbred® for DB2 LUW - Response Time Analysis & SLA Attainment Solution

Brother-Thoroughbred provides industry breakthrough database measurements for transaction times, time distributions, and service level attainments. Easily determine if a performance problem is a database problem, or not. If a problem is a database problem, Brother-Thoroughbred will show you where the resource bottleneck is (CPU, I/O, Sorts, Locks) and guide you towards a quick solution.
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Brother-Eagle® for DB2 LUW - Real-Time Monitoring Solution

Monitors database health and efficiency Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time with drill downs to connection details. An innovative "stock-ticker" presentation continuously updates KPIs but doesn't waste your entire screen. You can also add your own KPIs and drill downs - a great way to make SQL Snapshots more useful.
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Our heroes

Scott Hayes
Is a well known DB2 LUW performance and security expert. He is a regular speaker at International DB2 and ISACA/ISSA User Group meetings, IBM DB2/Data Management conferences, and is frequently sought as a guest speaker for regional DB2 user group meetings. Read More...

Jeff Omo
Is the Chief Technology Officer at DBI. Prior to joining DBI, he was a senior software architect at Imceda software building high performance backup solutions and a Product Author at BMC Software building database change management solutions. Read More...

Sue Anne Haight
Is a Sr. Software Developer at DBI.

Ward Fry
Is Director of Support Services at DBI.

Dale Zerber
Is a Sr. Performance Consultant at DBI.

Darin Zephier
Is a Business Performance Consultant at DBI.

Chad Kidd
Is a Business Performance Consultant at DBI.

Rhonda Kirk
Is a Business Performance Consultant at DBI.

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International: +1-512-249-2324.
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