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DBI Web Performance Suite version 5 is now released

March 10, 2021, 3:00 pm
Posted by admin in News
DBI Web Performance Suite version 5 is now released. The new version includes new functionality such as performance advice for outdated statistics, index recommendations, virtual index and simulations, drop index impact analysis, database availability statistics, new real time metrics and charts, enhanced pureScale support, interactive graphical views for explain plans, and a lot more.

Contact us today for a test drive and a proof of concept and see the benefits of running our tools in your own environment.

  • General UI
    • All Grids will show an indicator when a filter is applied.
    • All filters can now be cleared with one click
    • Date range filter now shows the time span in days, hours, and minutes

  • Advise
    • Identifying tables that have outdated statistics
    • Identifying indexes that have outdated statistics

  • Execution times:
    • Monitored database availability percentage chart with database uptime
    • Monitored database availability details list of unavailable dates and times

  • Profile
    • View/Delete user database credentials

  • Realtime
    • Overview displays new metrics for database uptime, last backup, connections, users, applications, statements, and locks
    • Statements view has been simplified. Allows filtering by Users or Applications
    • A top view added for database information
    • A top view added for connection information
    • A top view added for tablespace/bufferpool utilization

  • Settings
    • Ability to edit the Collector configuration parameters
    • View collector errors and warnings
    • Ability to add databases for monitoring using agentless collector

  • Statistics
    • Support for partitions and pureScale members
    • Exposing the partition host name with the partition number
    • Ability to filter partition statistics by date range
    • Date range is visible for all drill down Statistics panels

  • Trend Charts:
    • Clicking on the chart will navigate to the statements for that period
    • User events are marked with a different icon than database events

  • Users
    • Admin can unlock a locked user account

  • Workbench
    • Showing an interactive graphical view of the explain plan
    • Ability to change the default schema for the current statement
    • Ability to run drop index impact analysis (DIIA) on an existing index
    • Improved Benefit/Loss statistics for recommended indexes
    • Ability to add a user virtual index and see a cost benefit
    • Ability to run Add Predictive Index Analysis on a user virtual index
    • Ability to change the time period for the Predictive Index Analysis

  • Other
    • Multiple small enhancements to Statistics, Comparisons performance, and workbench UI
    • Better display of errors in the edit forms
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