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DBI Web Performance Suite version 6 is now released

September 15, 2021, 7:32 am
Posted by admin in News
DBI Web Performance Suite version 6 is now released. The new version includes new functionality such as a new custom reports module, the ability too customize the overview dashboard, Active Directory integration, the ability to view SQL statements that are causing the locks, performance detection of the monitoring system, and numerous enhancements through out the whole application. Major features added to this release are:
  • A new reporting module with pre-defined historical and real time reports as well as the ability for the user to create their own custom reports
  • Integration with Active Directory for user logins and privileges
  • View SQL text option on statement compare panel
  • View SQL text show the full text of the statement
  • Copy button add to the query view to copy to text clipboard
  • Procedure name and procedure schema columns added to the statistics statement panel
  • Ability to view the SQL statement that is causing the lock in the Realtime locks panel
  • When navigating from the statistics grid, the select row and scroll position is preserved when going back to the same panel
  • Overview dashboard can be customized to add, remove, and re-order charts as well as changing the default number of bars on the chart
  • A new Status panel that shows the performance of the monitoring system and identifies the bottlenecks
  • Ability to change the Notifications settings in the Web UI
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