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DBI Web Performance Suite and collector version 8 is released

August 2, 2022, 5:36 am
Posted by admin in News
Version 8 of the Web Suite, the collector, and the classic tools has been released. The new version includes many new features and enhancements.
  • Grid view: Ability to search for all columns in the chooser
  • Advice: Show a list of table scans (Db2)
  • Advice: Show a list of recommended indexes for the entire workload
  • Advice: Ability to do Predictive Index Impact Analysis on a recommended index
  • Advice: Provide database commands to fix the issues when relevant
  • Alert: Errors found in the SQL Server error log (SQL Server)
  • Alert: Rules are shown by Rule type
  • Real time: New view to show Db error log messages
  • Real time: Current transaction log usage by user and application
  • Real time: System resources now show for each partition or pureScale member
  • Settings: A new settings menu is added to the Left menu Bar to show all database setting views
  • Reports: Statements with degraded performance over a 30-day period
  • Reports: Database size growth forecasting
  • Statistics: filter pureScale statements by member
  • Trend Charts: Statement text is shown on top when navigating from a statement
  • Workbench: Ability to flag statements identified by the predictive index analysis
  • Support for repositories with SSL connections
  • Support for monitored databases with SSL connections

  • Enhanced user and application performance
  • New DBI statement concentrator
  • Support for TLS connections
  • Enhanced support for database types: Simple, HADR, DPF Logical & Physical, pureScale
  • Restartable repository upgrades
  • Log4j version upgrade
  • Several performance improvements
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