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DBI Web Performance Suite and collector version 9 is released

June 1, 2023, 6:17 am
Posted by admin in News
Version 9 of the DBI Performance Web Suite, the collector, and the classic tools has been released. The new version includes many new features and enhancements including a top query resource and degradation analyzer, historical locks, recommendations with links to the relevant views, a Linux version of the Web Suite, and support for Edge.

Detailed features:

  • Top queries analyzer for CPU, Exec Time, Efficiency, and Degradation
  • View historical locks and lock requests including statements (SS)
  • View real-time locks and lock requests including statements (SS)
  • Quick hourly filter buttons added to the data range popup
  • Date range popup displays the time zone offset
  • Trend chart defaults to key metrics for each view type
  • Popup windows are now draggable
  • Formatted query in workbench with revert to the original
  • Advice recommendations include links to the relevant views (SS)
  • Ability for alerts to send SNMP traps for SS
  • Integrated security for (SS)
  • Dark Period for alerts (SS)
  • Option to use collector credentials for all real-time views
  • The Edge browser is now supported
  • Printer friendly