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DBI Web Performance Suite and collector version 10 is released

May 2, 2024, 4:03 pm
Posted by admin in News
Detailed features:

- Auto purge of data settings at the collector and individual databases/Instances
- Multiple alert service quiet times
- Enhances User and application data collection using event monitors (Db2)
- Enterprise license will allow the auto addition of new servers
- Stale data checking based on actual database time zone
- Auto-add a Db to the monitored databases for a an instance (SS)
- Collection will stop for a deleted instance (SS)
- Collector version number in About box
- Auto saving of license to all repositories
- Custom SNMP community string
- Collector connection checking
- Allow updates to a monitored server port
- Allow change pass only for database
- Allow the deletion of a rule action
- Added a new column to show a hex value of the statement Id
- Allow for schema search in the workbench
- Fixed Collection dates (SS)
- Allow the addition of a follow up flag to the statement in the Top queries screen
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