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What are people saying about DB2's GOT TALENT on The DB2Night Show?

March 22, 2012, 7:12 pm
Posted by Scott in General
So far, over 171 votes have been cast for DB2's GOT TALENT Finalists, and there are only 7 votes difference between 2nd and 3rd place! WATCH Finals Round 2, LEARN about DB2 commands, and VOTE! Here's a sampling of comments from show viewers...

Comments from Viewers

This was fun. I am planning on showing this to others and trying out some of the things I watched tomorrow...

kohli was really nice ........

Show content keeps getting better and better.

Excellent presentation.

Great contest! Good opportunity for "ordinary folks" to share their knowledge and experiences.

Very informative and well done. Very nice presentation. Good job Brian!

This seems like a great way to create buzz and promote the DB2 platform

He is a very smart guy and alway willing to talk something new about DB2 for zOS

Nice example of edutainment. If only I had more time to follow it on a regular basis... Anyways, I get to see the showhost next month at the DB2 Symposium in Veldhoven (less than 10 kilometres from home...)!

This is a great play ground for promoting innovative ideas regarding the DB2 technology that is widely used within the current IT fields

Hi Scott and other staffs, Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity. I enjoyed the contest very much. I am looking forward to meeting you in the future. Best regards, Kingo

Brian's got major talent!

First time I watched a DB2's GOT TALENT session and I loved it! A great opportunity to learn with the DB2 community experiences. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Great product and good delivery. Ember Crooks is astounding. I like that you enable the audience to go in and review with replay options. With the 4 minute time limit a lot of information zooms by. Thanks for the opportunity to take part.

it's really a good presentation to understand better to handle the option on display commands.

I watched the show live last time and may be able to watch the replay this week.

I'm vote in Rodolfo . This is the DB2 Man. Good Luck !!

Rodolfo is an excellent It specialist, with exceptional knowledge for his short age and time working with DB2. He help us a lot, with innovation, update information.

This is a very good way to recognize DB2 talents.

I love DB2.. it's what I do for living, and I'm glad I have a friend running on this.. Thanks,

Once again, great presentations, all are worth looking deeper into.

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