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Only 3 Days Left to Vote! DB2's GOT TALENT! Watch, Learn, Vote!

April 9, 2012, 10:57 pm
Posted by Scott in General
Polls close 12 April 2012 at 11pm CDT! Almost 500 votes have been cast so far and it is an exciting race! Over 90% of viewers have indicated they've learned something from our top Finalists! Click Here to access replays and cast your vote! Read what others are saying...

Audience and Voter Comments

talents can be accquired through hardwork! Born talented people have worked their butts in a previous lifetime be it Jesus, Beethoven or anyone of DB2 participants. The point is , that DB2 is a wonderful stage where their talents can be put to use by serving the community as a whole Kudos to DB2!!!!

Great contest! We need more z/OS and cross-platform entries.

Very nice presentation.. I learned alot with all the presentations, but his was awesome.



Clever and fun.

Ember also made great presentation.

Nerdy, but cool.

That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

The presentation is clear and easy to understand for even the youngest that work with DB2 software. Congratulations!

Great initiative.

Overall, interesting, educational.... a fun format.

Elder was excellent

Great contest. Make people pay effort to develop skills and efforts

It is a very good way to have the individual efforts recognized, motivating more and more talents to come up. Congratulations.


I'd like to win the survey drawing, I love Amazon and DB2!

It's a great initiative. Keep the good work guys. Our market really need it.

Great show!

Kohli is doing a great job!!!!

Very informative!

The presentation is useful and very informative.

Nice program.

I think its a great way to give the DBAs an opportunity to learn from their colleague experiences.

I think it's an excellent idea to recognize those who have made a great contirbutions to success of many projects.

Thanks good way of Keeping DB2 alive

This is a great idea!! And entertaining as well

Best ever !

Voting for Jean - because this is a POPULAR vote competion. Go teammate!

I am from Chicago. Can I vote more than once ?! :) This is cool.

4/3/2012 1:32 PMView Responses I need to start watching this!

Awesome opportunity to recognize brilliant minds.

great idea!

I watched Kohli's presentation before he presented. :)

Interesting, but over my head as I am not an IS worker.

Really enjoy the presentations. Learn a lot from them!

What an interesting contest -

I did not know about it until alerted by my company. It is certainly something constructive and real world until the networks verison. Truely, all of this is outside my realm of knowledge, but it is exciting seeing the people who are changing our world in a real way being acknowledged for that contribution.

Great Job even if it was over my head.

4/3/2012 6:33 AMView Responses It is a great way to give DBAs experience presenting different ideas. It's also an excellent way for IT professionals to learn more about databases.

fun contest.

Truly interesting learning tool

Elder posted a video of his presentation here - All contestants are amazing, I really enjoyed all the shows.

Really good apresentation of Elder.

I think my presentation will help many others to avoid wasting storage.

Best presentation.

This is a great event! It energizes the DB2 community.

It was a terrific show!


  • 1st Place Prize: Free Badge to any 2012 IDUG Conference, sponsored by IDUG
  • 1st Place Prize: Up to $1,500 USD travel money for travel expenses to the IDUG conference, sponsored by DBI Software
  • 2nd Place Prize: A free badge to attend the DB2 Symposium, sponsored by KBCE
  • 2nd Place Prize: Up to $1,000 USD travel money for travel expenses to the DB2 Symposium, sponsored by HLS Technologies
  • 3rd Place Prize: An Apple iPad, sponsored by Responsive Systems
  • Top 10 Finalist Prizes: $50 gift certificates sponsored by Triton Consulting

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