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The #DB2Night Show Announces Most Popular Season #3 DB2 LUW Shows

August 26, 2012, 8:42 pm
Posted by Scott in General
During September 2011 to June 2012, The DB2Night Show™ hosted 33 DB2 for LUW themed shows for your edutainment. As of today, there have been over 59,342 downloads of our LUW shows. Of these, 25,603 (43%) were MP4 format. Yes, people are watching on their iPads at the gym! Which shows have been the most popular?

The Top 20 Most Popular DB2 for LUW Episodes of The DB2Night Show™

Rankings provided below are based on the number of replay downloads as of today. Typical live studio audience sizes range from 75 to 150 participants. The average show has been downloaded 1,798 times. This means that, on average, about 2,000 DB2 LUW professionals benefit from each show.

These DB2 LUW rankings include the wildly popular DB2's GOT TALENT shows. icon_biggrin Congratulations again to Kohli, Jean, and Brian!

Did you miss any of these shows? Click the Show Theme for quick access to the replay!

Rank Show Downloads Guest Show Theme
#1 #73 4,165 DB2's GOT TALENT
Top 10 Finalists
DB2's GOT TALENT Finals Round #1
#2 #82 3,758 Iqbal Goralwalla DB2 LUW 9.7 Fixpack "Pearls" - cool new stuff!
#3 #66 3,064 Ember Crooks Top 10 Tips for e-Commerce Databases
#4 #68 2,543 Serge Rielau Problem Determination for SQL/PL, PL/SQL, & Triggers
#5 #84 2,332 Vikram Khatri DB2 LUW HADR Updates and Best Practices
#6 #75 2,329 Top 7 Finalists! DB2's GOT TALENT Finals Round #3!
#7 #58 2,288 Scott Hayes Using and Tuning IBM OPM - What you NEED to know
#8 #70 2,236 Contestants DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Auditions #2
#9 #80 2,090 Danny Arnold
& Glen Sheffield
DB2 LUW V10 Breaking News Part 1
#10 #69 1,749 Contestants DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Auditions 1
#11 #79 1,742 Michael Tiefenbacher The PROACTIVE DBA
#12 #72 1,702 Contestants DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Auditions 4
#13 #83 1,693 Maria Schwenger DB2 pureScale - WHAT EVERY DBA NEEDS to KNOW!
#14 #74 1,604 Top 10 Finalists! DB2's GOT TALENT Finals Round #2!
#15 #67 1,486 Roger Sanders DB2 Certification Insider Secrets, Tips, & Roadmaps
#16 #59 1,287 Martin Hubel DB2 LUW Index Design, Myths, Realities, and Magic
#17 #57 1,127 John Hornibrook DB2 LUW Vital Statistics - What you NEED to know
#18 #62 1,107 Dan Dubriwny BIG DATA Overview - What is it? Who cares?
#19 #52 1,095 John Hornibrook Writing Optimized DB2 LUW SQL Queries A popular Season #2 Show!
#20 #87 1,022 Andrew Endicott DB2 LUW Reducing CPU and I/O Consumption Our Season #3 Finale!

Season #4 News

Check out our show schedule at for upcoming shows, news, and replay information. We've already delivered nearly 200,000 FREE hours of DB2 education to DB2 professionals around the world, and our commitment to the DB2 community continues!

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