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22 FEB DB2's GOT TALENT Host and Judges Compete! Top Shelf DB2 Tips!

February 19, 2013, 9:06 pm
Posted by Scott in General
Our fair, wise, and lovable judges have offered their praise and constructive advice to DB2's GOT TALENT contestants! NOW it is their turn to compete for live studio audience votes! Show host Scott Hayes and judges Susan Visser, Martin Hubel, and Klaas Brant will take their turns sharing DB2 tips and advice with the WORLDWIDE DB2 Community! Just for fun, of course!

Join our Studio Audience

Odds are high that this just might be our best, most entertaining, most informative episode of The DB2Night Show™ EVER! icon_biggrin icon_lol icon_smile icon_cool

If you haven't already registered to attend the DB2's GOT TALENT webinar series, CLICK HERE to register!

Personal note from Scott Hayes - my presentation is ready! I can hardly wait! I'll be sharing some DB2 performance advice that is easy to use and certain to help you achieve GREAT results!

DB2's GOT TALENT Contestants

Our finalist contestants will return to our show on March 1st! Expect 10 FANTASTIC presentations on assorted DB2 LUW and z/OS topics! There's a 100% chance that 100% of our audience will learn something!

Our Finalists

For March 1st, our finalists have the option of polishing their February Contestant presentation or providing a new presentation. Each finalist will have four minutes to compete for votes from the worldwide DB2 community!
  1. Ember, DB2 LUW
  2. Mohankumar, DB2 LUW
  3. Eric, DB2 LUW
  4. Chris, DB2 LUW
  5. Renu, DB2 LUW
  6. Juliano, DB2 LUW
  7. Sanjay, DB2 z/OS
  8. Mikko, DB2 LUW
  9. Armando, DB2 z/OS
  10. Sreeharsha, DB2 z/OS

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