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DB2's GOT TALENT Gets Rave Reviews! What are people saying?

March 3, 2013, 12:44 pm
Posted by Scott in General
So far 300 DB2 professionals have voted for their favorite finalists on our 1 March 2013 Finals Round #1 show! This news blog contains comments from attendees and replay viewers! Register to attend our 8th March Finals #2 Show. Watch the March 1st Finals #1 Replay, learn, and vote!

March 1, Finals #1, Viewer Comments

Its an exciting show to learn about DB2. Great Job Scott. I appreciate the opportunity to make the show!

Harsha rocked the show !!

Great way to show your talent. You get the '' WORLDS " recognition

Great Learning - Thanks to DBI software!

great learning experience on how to use simple logic to solve complex problems - thanks Sreeharsha for the great work on TSO edit

Mohan was clearly outstanding. One quick question to Martins. I don't see typo "3l's" in Mohan's slides. I was just wondering on the comments.

I think it is a great idea to showcase talent and get the messages across in this way! I like the format of this approach.

good show

Awesome Work.

Excellent Work by Harsha. Great Presentation, nice concepts and logic.

Great presentations.

Entertaining and informative. well done.

Great idea. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Excellent Presenation by Harsha.. wonderful use of TSO EDIT

Sreeharsha Rocked !! Too good with DB2

The show was really nice to watch. It was entertaining yet educational. keep it up people!!!

I liked overall seminar

good it was

Good platform to bring out of the box ideas.

Great Show ! Harsha was the best - He noticed and used the output of the macro to his advantage which the world would have ignored ! AWESOME

Ember is phenomenal. So professional and also able to connect with her audience. Tops in her field.

Excellent, comprehensive presentation

This is the platform to learn new things.

The presentation given from Armando was too good and enjoyable

I think she did an excellent presentation of a difficult subject area.

I wish your results were more a measure of the merit of the performance and less a contest of who works hardest to engage their network.

  • Scott comment: I agree. Our hope, of course, it that these DB2's GOT TALENT shows go viral, and, in so doing, we expand the DB2 community. We also hope that people will vote fairly and honestly, and not just for their friends. Ballots can be cast for more than one finalist.

Good Knowledge!

It rocks. Scott you should run it next year too

Thanks for providing another great show. It seems like the audio/video difficulties often experienced by presenters could be greatly reduced by scheduling a test session ahead of time in which each presenter could verify they can be seen and heard by others.

  • Scott comment: Indeed, the audio challenges are a bit frustrating. By the time we reach the March finals, all participants should have their audio issues sorted out. Most use VoIP, which often provides better audio quality than the telephone, but sometimes people have bandwidth problems from their internet provider. This is hard to anticipate in advance. If we do this again next year, we will organize some technology test sessions for participants.

Great stuff!

very informative, excellent all round.

Awesome presentations by all!

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