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DB2's GOT TALENT: More Rave Reviews! What are people saying?

March 12, 2013, 4:27 pm
Posted by Scott in General
So far over 750 DB2 professionals have voted for their favorite finalists on our 8 March 2013 Finals Round #2 show! This news blog contains comments from attendees and replay viewers! Register to attend our 15th March Finals #3 Show. Watch the March 8th Finals #2 Replay, learn, and vote!

March 18, Finals #2, Viewer Comments

eric is great

I like the step by step instructions

the best

loved the smart tricks.

Great learning..

The show is very informative. Content is interesting. Commentators do a good job summarizing. Curious if it helps/hurts the presenter by telling them if they are in the top/bottom of the ranking. Maybe introduce the presenter, then comment on the presentation, then before going on to the next, state their ranking. Leveling volume. Most presenters and commentators were at a pretty level volume, but some presenters speak quieter, or not close enough to the mic. If there was a way to artificially up the volume during the presentation. More of a curious comment. It is also easy enough to adjust the volume on playback. :-)

Very Good


Looks like a good way to expose new ideas and tips to the rest of the IS world.

Great work!

Wonderful job!!!

Great show.

Eric was really good on his show!! :) I really loved!


The show was very good, I will try to attend regularly if time permits.

Competition going awesome.

Nice Show. Mohan was really great.

I am DB2 DBA for past eight years and worked in several companies as a DBA ,however learning never stops. I learn so many new things from this show and presenters have come up with lot of research. For me it is positive change from the day to day mundane dba job! I am sure to revisit these ppt again and again. It will great be great if you can release a CD with all these shows in it. Many thanks! nishant

Pretty cool!

Renu is the best .

I Love the show Scott.

Great program!!!!

It's awesome and usefull to all



it was awesome

It's really a good initiative and provides a platform to techies to think out of the box and show their skills.

Well done! Loved Chris's presentation the most.

Excellent.. fabulous show

Presentations at its best. Thanks Scott for sharing the presentations of the ones who could not make it on " air " due to technical problems !

Nice work Harsha - Creative yet simple !!

Good Presentation by everyone. Enjoyed it

We now have a smart locking mechanism on the DB2 table - Thanks to Harsha for his excellent presentation

The presentations of Armando and Mohankumar was good, but was not able to hear anything during the show.

Ember Rocks!

Really enjoyed the Got Talent show.

Ember is so obviously well prepared and really knows her stuff.

I love the idea - I wish the webinar worked better.

Great show, learned tons - thanks!

For me Renu was best even after getting nervous first she was able to pick up well in the later slides.

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