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22 MAR 10am CDT DB2's GOT TALENT Finale! The BIGGEST DB2 Show on Earth!

March 20, 2013, 3:54 pm
Posted by Scott in General

DB2 Success Stories!

Join the worldwide DB2 community for the biggest, best, and most brilliant DB2 talent show on earth! Our Top 5 DB2's GOT TALENT Finalists will be competing for YOUR VOTES to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! REGISTER if you haven't yet, get your popcorn ready, and get excited about learning from our Top 5 Finalists...

Top 5 Finalists and their Topics

Photo Name Topic
Mohan Saraswatipura Mohan DB2 9.7 Performance Tuning for Siebel 8.1 Application
Ember Crooks Ember DB2 Success: You Won't Find it on A Database Server
Chris Aldrich Chris How I ETL’d data without an ETL tool on a deadline!
Eric Lopes Eric Saving time and cpu using MQT stage table!
Sreeharsha Naik Sree Virtual Database Administration!

Register for these upcoming shows!

Show OS Date/Time Theme Guest(s) Photos
#107 LUW & z/OS
5 APR 2013
10am CT
Learn about IDUG's 25th Anniversary Conference in Orlando Florida Apr 29-May 3. IDUG Conference Planning Committee volunteers will share insider tips and updates!
** Details & Registration: CLICK HERE
IDUG Volunteers IDUG logo
#108 LUW 12 APR 2013
10am CT
Michael Tiefenbacher returns as our special guest to share his terrific IDUG EMEA Germany presentation on "Explain Reality!" If you want to learn about DB2 LUW Explains, don't miss this show!
** Details & Registration: CLICK HERE
Michael Tiefenbacher Michael Tiefenbacher
#109 LUW 26 APR 2013
10am CT
Michael Krafick, Sr. DBA, makes his debut on The DB2Night Show by sharing his horror story with DB2 BLOB performance and how he conquered the monster!
** Details & Registration: CLICK HERE
Michael Krafick Michael Krafick
#110 LUW & z/OS
10 MAY 2013
10am CT
Database Performance Trends!
Forrester analyst Noel Yuhanna will share with us his perspe ctives on database performance trends. Join us to hear his views on performance management challenges, server consolidations, cost optimization, databases in the cloud, and what he calls "the newer workload". Take away analyst insight, tips, and valuable, actionable advice.
** Details & Registration: CLICK HERE
Noel Yuhanna Noel Yuhanna, Forrester
#111 LUW 24 MAY 2013
10am CT
Breaking News from IBM on DB2 LUW!
Special guest George Baklarz, IBM, will share with us the latest news on IBM DB2 for LUW.
** Details & Registration: CLICK HERE
George Baklarz, IBM George Baklarz, IBM
#112 LUW 21 JUN 2013
10am CT
DB2 LUW 10 Index Jump Scans and Index Design Best Practices
Show host Scott Hayes wears two hats and doubles as our show guest. Learn about DB2 LUW 10 Index Jump Scans and find out the Updated Rules for Index Design Best Practices, including DB2 compression results.
** Details & Registration: CLICK HERE
Scott Hayes, DBI Scott Hayes, DBI
#113 LUW 28 JUN 2013
10am CT
DB2 LUW Customer Success Story
DB2's GOT TALENT 2012 1st Place winner "Kohli" joins us to share his experiences with implementing and tuning a new DB2 LUW application at his company. His advice is priceless!
** Details & Registration: CLICK HERE
Kshitij Kohli,
Church Mutual Ins.
Kshitij Kohli, Church Mutual Insurance

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