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The DB2Night Show Announces Top 25 DB2 zOS Most Popular Season #4 Replays

August 26, 2013, 5:02 pm
Posted by Scott in General
As we get ready to kickoff Season #5 of The DB2Night Show™ ( See Schedule ), let's take a quick look at the Top 25 most popular DB2 for z/OS replays. As of 2013 August 26, there have been 346,990 downloads of replays since our show's inception! Top 25 DB2 z/OS replays...

Top 25 DB2 for z/OS Replays

Replay downloads are still FREE. Click the Episode# below for access to the replay! You'll note that some of our Top 25 replays originate from earlier seasons - this demonstrates the timeless and still relevant value of many of our shows!

We'd like to take a quick moment to thank Martin Hubel, MHC, who has generously volunteered his time during Season #4 to organize and host all of these shows for the DB2 for z/OS community. We should also thank HLS Technologies for their corporate sponsorship that made these shows possible!

RANK Episode# Downloads Theme Guest(s)
#1 Z34 5,414 IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: The Next Generation Namik Hrle, IBM Germany
#2 Z28 5,253 Willie Favero's DB2 for z/OS "Brain Dump" Part 1 Willie Favero, IBM
#3 Z29 3,014 "You CAN Teach an Old Programmer New Tricks" Bonnie Baker, BBC
#4 Z25 1,409 Hash Access - The HDAM DB2 Table? Phil Grainger, Grainger Database Solutions Ltd.
#5 Z23 1,200 Information Governance for MDM and Reference data Jan Henderykcx, Envizion Cvba
#6 Z21 1,179 DB2 10 Data Sharing: New Features and Member Consolidation Susan Lawson, YL&A
#7 Z20 1,158 Data Skew and Real World Performance Solutions Cristian Molaro
#8 Z26 1,072 Memory Management in DB2 10 for z/OS Julian Stuhler, Triton Consulting
#9 Z16 1,004 IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator Namik Hrle, IBM Germany
#10 Z27 985 Explaining EXPLAIN - DB2 10 Edition Willie Favero, IBM
#11 Z31 897 "DB2 XXL - How to handle large volumes of data?" Klaas Brant, KBCE
#12 Z14 625 Hot SQL and Index Features in DB2 10 Sheryl Larsen, SMLSQL (now IBM)
#13 Z12 557 Data Warehousing Perf. & DB2 10 Temporal Tables Dave Beulke, Pragmatic Solutions
#14 Z22 543 Essential things you must know about DB2 and WLM Cristian Molaro
#15 Z32 509 The DB2Night Show Z32: "Willie's Brain Dump - Part 2" Willie Favero, IBM
#16 Z24 485 DB2 Utilities - An update Klaas Brant, KBCE
#17 Z08 462 DB2 for z/OS and Java- What's New? Julian Stuhler, Triton Consulting
#18 Z15 440 DB2 search and scroll techniques Dan Luksetich, YL&A (now
#19 Z33 432 "Why to REBIND or NOT to REBIND is STILL a QUESTION" Cristian Molaro, M Consulting
#20 Z13 428 (Almost) Live from IBM IOD 2011 Chris Eaton, Richard Winter, Various
#21 Z37 411 Application Tuning Revisited Martin Hubel, MHC
#22 Z09 395 Distributed access to DB2 for z/OS Successful administration Cristian Molaro, M Consulting
#23 Z07 331 Top DB2 e-Communities, Blogs and networking tools Surekha Parekh, Susan Visser, Willie Favero, IBM
#24 Z19 327 Ten reasons to move to DB2 10 Klaas Brant, KBCE
#25 Z02 307 DB2 Now and into the future Jeff Josten, IBM

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