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The DB2Night Show #116: Intimate Details on DB2 BLU with Guy Lohman, IBM

September 30, 2013, 1:52 pm
Posted by Scott in General
Friday 4th October 2013 10am CDT The DB2Night Show is pleased to present IBM Master Inventor Guy Lohman for a presentation about "Intimate Details on DB2 BLU". Guy will be joined by "the real genius" behind BLU, his trusted associate and "Chief Scientist of BLU", Mr. Shankar Raman of the IBM Almaden Research Center. If you want to learn how BLU works with less marketing hyperbole, click:
Details and Registration for Intimate Details with IBM DB2 BLU

The DB2Night Show Episode #116: Intimate Details on DB2 BLU

Featuring Inventors Guy Lohman and Shankar Raman

Guy Lohman might be IBM's best kept secret. He hasn't escaped the Almaden Lab very often, and I haven't seen him at very many IDUG conferences (unlike other IBM regular speakers). I've known Guy since the early 90's and I am very excited that he has agreed to be our special guest for this episode of The DB2Night Show! This might be our first time ever having a MASTER INVENTOR as a guest - IBM's equivalent of nuclear rocket scientist I suppose.

Guy and his team invented BLU. Guy gives significant credit to Shankar Raman, IBM Almaden, and calls him "Chief Scientist of BLU." During this special episode of The DB2Night Show, Guy and Shankar will take us on a deep dive into what's under the covers of this IBM BREAKTHROUGH BLU technology. For those of us with curious minds about how things work, DON'T MISS THIS SHOW. We'll save some time for questions at the end.

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Intimate Details of IBM DB2 BLU

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