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Fri 18 OCT 10a CDT: The DB2Night Show #117 - Feelin' #IBMBLU

October 15, 2013, 4:28 am
Posted by Scott in General
Friday 18th October 2013 10am CDT The DB2Night Show is pleased to host Randall Ibbott, Sr. Tech Lead at QBE Australia, and Scott Hayes, IBM Information Management Champion, who will share their IBM DB2 BLU testing results. "Beyond the Marketing Literature" means just that - no hype - just experiences and lessons learned!

Both Randall and Scott performed performance science projects on the same hardware. Register, attend, and prepare to be enlightened...
Details and Registration for Feelin' BLU with Randall Ibbott and Scott Hayes

The DB2Night Show Episode #117: Feelin' BLU

Randall Ibbott, QBE, and Scott Hayes, DBI

Start with a DB2 10.5 database with tables organized by row.

Run a set of queries and record the results.

Load the same data into DB2 10.5 tables that are organized by column, on the same hardware.

Run the same set of queries and record the results.

Learn a few interesting things about BLU along the way.

Share results with the world via The DB2Night Show.

Have fun.

That's the plan for this episode #117. Don't miss it!

A quick shameless DBI marketing moment

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Feelin' IBM DB2 BLU

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