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DB2's GOT TALENT 2014: What can you learn?

January 14, 2014, 12:01 pm
Posted by Scott in General
2013 DB2's GOT TALENT winner Ember Crooks shares her experiences, tips, and advice for participating in DB2's GOT TALENT 2014! Do you have any IBM BLU experiences? Please become a contestant and share! Here's a sample of what contestants will be presenting in 2014...

DB2's GOT TALENT 2014 Contestant Topics

  • File System Caching - effect on BLOB and NON-Blob tables
  • Inline Blobs - how to stop spinning disks
  • Manually reclaiming space with DB2DART - doing it the hard way while drinking hard liquor!
  • Effect of Index Read Efficiency - how it can hurt things behind the scenes
  • Two case studies and tips on partitioned tables in LUW
  • Q replication Overview and Setup,migration in LUW
  • DB2 SAP Integration w/ Monitoring & Tuning
  • DB2 z/OS Log Analysis tool can be used to recover data in a easy manner
  • Data Center Operations in a DB2 z/OS shop

Did you skip past reading Ember's blog post on DB2's GOT TALENT? We can only rant and rave about how awesome DB2's GOT TALENT is so loud, but prior participants can tell the story much better. So, here's another chance to read Ember's blog: CLICK HERE!

Suggested Topics for 2014 Contestants

Not sure what to talk about? Anything remotely connected with DB2 will do! New people are joining the DB2 industry every day! Even if you have only a few weeks or months of DB2 experience, you have more experience than the people just getting started! Check out our list of SUGGESTED TOPICS!


Some corporations unduly get themselves in a knot about anything "public", particularly if the corporate name is used or mentioned. So, no worries, you're participation can be our little secret. icon_wink During the contest, we'll refer to you only by first name. Any other information you choose to share is at your discretion. If you are a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winner and continue to require corporate anonymity, no problem.

Webinar Registration for DB2's GOT TALENT

Whether you participate as a contestant or not, CLICK HERE to register for the DB2's GOT TALENT webinars. We've made it easy. Register just once for all of the shows in February and March!

Help Grow the DB2 Community!

You know, the more people that love and know DB2, the better for everyone in the community! When DB2 grows, so, too, do your career opportunities! Share the DB2's GOT TALENT news with your friends and followers! We'll be watching Twitter "Retweet" and "Favorite" statistics, and we've got a prize in mind for our most social advocates!

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