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DB2's GOT TALENT: Have you voted yet? What are people saying?

March 11, 2014, 11:35 pm
Posted by Scott in General
On 7 March 2014, we had several GREAT presentations from our DB2's GOT TALENT Finalists. PLEASE VOTE! Polls will close 13 March 2014 at 10pm CDT. Here's a peek at the voting results so far...

March 7th Early Voting Results

Like IBM is famous for, here is a "relative performance" chart for votes cast as of 11 March 2014 11pm CDT. As you can see, the race between first place and second place is very close, and the race between third place and fourth place is also very close!

DB2's GOT TALENT 2014 Voting Status as of 11 MAR 2014 11pm CDT

Keep reading below to see voter comments...

IDUG North America / Phoenix AZ Discount Registration Code

DBI Software and The DB2Night Show™ are proud to announce a special discount code that you can use to get 10% off your IDUG NA Phoenix registration: DB2GotTalent14. This code saves you $200 and matches the price for organizations sending three or more people! So, you can use EARLYNA and save $150 or use "DB2GotTalent14" and save $200. Any questions? icon_biggrin

Comments from Voters

As of 11pm CDT 11 March 2014, 12% of voters attended the show live, 31% watched the WMV replay, 38% watched the MP4 replay, and 18% confessed to not watching the show. Here are some comments from our voters:

  • Learned about table delete precaution.
  • I didn't die watching it.
  • Great show, keep up the great job
  • Really good. Really enjoyed watching the presentations. As usual it upgraded my knowledge level.
  • Thanks.
  • Great!
  • Glad you guys are keeping this going. It's educational and engaging.
  • Good entries - educational & informative
  • Its very beneficial and help me a lot.
  • Great show which helps in bringing out the talent what they got... Good going IBM...
  • Great graphics Mike did a AWESOME job
  • Must submit more votes on my mac now. Did you see those graphics? Wow those were awesome, imagine what they would look like if I had more time. :) You know, I should win something based on the graphics Mike, if he wins, I should win too. LOL
  • Mike did an excellent job! The graphics were outstanding!
  • I didn't know about this program. I'd like to receive more information , and plan to attend next year :)
  • go mariana
  • excellent and devoted student
  • Nice!
  • Cool!!
  • Great show, lots of tips and great information.
  • Some parts such as I am making presenter, Where is Rob etc can be edited so that the viewers(who watch replay) do not get time to switch on to some other work. Also the sound quality should be better.
  • Great singing! Mike loves it when we go out and I have people sing happy birthday to him. Oh and those graphics.. yep. great. :)
  • Loved it! Entertaining and educational :)
  • It a nice presentation
  • Brilliant Platform
  • It is a very good event. Really I learnt something about db2 with low cost.
  • Really It is a good way to encourage young talents... I appreciate IBM for conducting this program...
  • Great place to groom up yourself and your thinking about technologies.
  • Its awesome.
  • This was the first time I listened and it was very cool - very educational.
  • Repeat more and more such events please.
  • Keep it going!!! :-)
  • The video is superb. Simply loved it!
  • The detail of the graphics were great! He should win based on purely the graphics.
  • Great shows, entertaining and educational indeed. Lots of work for the (new ) Talents. March 7th, even showed our good ol' host Scott's PC burned down, it was too hot for him and/or his PC, LOL
  • Its a great show. I Loved it !!
  • It is a wonderful talent show !
  • Great
  • Its awesome
  • This was awesome!!!
  • This is very good.
  • Its really awesome stuff
  • The presentations provided good information about advanced topics. I got few good topics to explore and probably implement in my work.
  • Pick Mike, pick Mike, his graphics are out of this world! Where does a DBA get such outstanding graphics?!
  • The techincal sessions were good and knowledgefull
  • Good Stuff. I will be watching others. mp4 quality was unusable; You just as well take it down. Advise people to use flip4mac to watch .wav on Mac.

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