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Top 20 DB2Night Show DB2 LUW Replay Downloads of 2014

January 7, 2015, 11:42 pm
Posted by Scott in General
The DB2Night Show™ is pleased to announce our most popular DB2 for LUW shows of 2014 based on number of replay downloads during the calendar year. You might notice that some of the shows are older - blame it on very helpful content! If you haven't seen these shows yet, make sure you download them, watch, and learn!


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Top 20 DB2 LUW DB2Night Show Replays of 2014

Click on the Show # for a link to the replay! All shows listed below received over 1,000 downloads!

Rank Show # Show Theme Show Guest(s)
#1 #118 17 Laws of building very large databases!
Over 14,000 downloads!
Lee Goddard, DBI
#2 #130 DB2's GOT TALENT Top 7 Finalists Compete!
Over 8,000 downloads!
DB2's GOT TALENT 2014 Finalists
#3 #125 DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Search #2
Over 6,400 downloads!
DB2's GOT TALENT 2014 Contestants
#4 #133 Why Low Cardinality Indexes (STINK) Ember Crooks, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant and IBM Champion
#5 #52 Writing Optimized DB2 LUW SQL Queries
Timeless and still relevant! 1,689 Downloads!
John Hornibrook, STSM, IBM Canada
#6 #123 75 Ways to Save I/O and 25 Ways to Save CPU Lee Goddard, DBI Software
#7 #128 Top 10 Finalists Compete! DB2's GOT TALENT 2014 Finalists
#8 #54 DB2 LUW Data Movement Utilities & Oracle Comparisons
Timeless information! Originally aired June 3, 2011! 1,323 Downloads during 2014!
Burt Vialpando, IBM
#9 #60 Using DB2DART!
Iqbal Goralwalla, Triton
#10 #58 Using and Tuning IBM OPM - What you NEED to know!
Scott Hayes, DBI
#11 #131 DB2's GOT TALENT Grand Finale! Top 4 DB2's GOT TALENT Finalists
#12 #138 Upgrading to DB2 V10.5 Best Practices! Melanie Stopfer, IBM
#13 #136 Why Wait?!?! DB2 LUW Locking Paul Turpin, Sr. DBA, BB&T Bank
#14 #127 DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Search #4 Various Contestants
#15 #140 DB2 LUW V10.5 CANCUN George Baklarz, IBM
#16 #18 The Top 10 DB2 LUW Mistakes People Make
Originally aired 7 May 2010! Timeless Advice!
Klaas Brant, KBCE
#17 #34 What's NEW and COOL with DB2 and FREE TOOLS!
Originally aired 19 November 2010! And the tools are still free!
George Baklarz, IBM
#18 #129 DB2's GOT TALENT Top 9 Finalists Compete! DB2's GOT TALENT Finalists
#19 #57 DB2 LUW Vital Statistics - What you NEED to know! John Hornibrook, STSM, IBM
#20 #112 DB2 LUW 10 Index Jump Scans & Index Best Practices Scott Hayes, DBI, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant

Fun Factoid

Replays of The DB2Night Show were downloaded an average of 252 times per day each day in 2014!

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