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A DB2's GOT TALENT Success Story

September 2, 2015, 10:38 pm
Posted by Scott in General
I received a lovely note tonight from one of our DB2's GOT TALENT 2015 contestants. It warms my heart to see how we're helping people with DB2 and their careers. Read more...
Here is the essence of the note with a bit of paraphrasing...

Subject: Appreciate

Dear Scott,
Hello. I am writing to express my appreciation.
My contribution (to the) DB2Night Show was a very wonderful experience which was so helpful in my career.

I have moved to Toronto recently and I have passed my first interview successfully.
I have learned to explain complicated problems in 3-5 minutes, and it impressed the interviewer greatly.

Warmest Regards,
2015 DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant


Next year our annual contest will be run differently. We're going to make it easier and less time consuming for contestants to share their DB2 knowledge with the DB2 community.

The details are still being contemplated, but basically we'll want to give each contestant 10 minutes to make one, and only one, presentation. This will be much less of a time and commitment burden to participants. We will make the 10 minute presentations available for viewing (perhaps on YouTube) and the DB2 community will vote by Liking, or otherwise voting for, the 10 minute presentation videos.

What do you think about this change? Please send your feedback and suggestions to db2nightshow [at] dbisoftware [dot] com.


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