Merry Christmas! The DB2Night Show Replays #161-#165 are HERE!

We checked with Santa and it turns out you've ALL been NICE this year! You can now download replay files in WMV and MP4 formats for episodes #161-#165. For those of you that only got a lump of coal in your stocking, this is perfect - something productive to do since you didn't get any new toys! Ho ho ho! Get the replays...

Advanced Index Benefit Analysis

On 8 January 2016 at 10am CST, Don't miss guest Scott Hayes on The DB2Night Show Episode #168 wherein he'll give his IDUG presentation "Sage Advice Part 2: Advanced Index Benefit and BLU Analysis". Click for Details and Registration.

Replay Files

  • The DB2Night Show #161: DB2 LUW Security & Auditing with Melanie Stopfer: WMV :: MP4

  • The DB2Night Show #162: DB2 LUW pureScale Performance with Steve Rees, IBM: WMV :: MP4

  • The DB2Night Show #163: DB2 LUW BLU Concepts and Best Practices with Matt Huras, IBM: WMV :: MP4

  • The DB2Night Show #164: 8 High-Impact Performance Tuning Tips for DB2 LUW with Ember Crooks, Rosetta: WMV :: MP4

  • The DB2Night Show #165: DB2 LUW Real World Essentials with Mohan Saraswatipura & Kent Collins: WMV :: MP4

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