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What would you like to learn about? New SEARCH Capability

December 10, 2016, 12:46 pm
Posted by Scott in General
From time to time we've received feedback that finding content on The DB2Night Show™ is challenging. We're going to let you in on a well kept secret - SEARCHING The DB2Night Show replays, and other DBI hosted blogs, is now EASY! Hint: There's a "Search" tool in the right column! But there's more you should know...

Searching DBI Software Hosted Blogs

(face palm) We've always had search capability, but it was buried so far down on the right column that nobody knew about it or paid attention to it! Good golly! Now the search tool is prominently located just under the calendar widget near the top of the right column - EASIER to FIND!


Search works in the context of the blog that you are currently viewing. Right now you are reading an article in The DB2Night Show News blog, so if you put a character string into the search box and click "Search", then you will be searching The DB2Night Show NEWS blogs.

The initial search does a quick search of blog titles only. You will see a list of blogs that contain the search string within blog titles. From this initial search results, click the drop down selection after "Search in" and choose "Content". This will give you a deeper search of not only the titles, but also all of the content within the blog articles.


Look for this Search tool in the Right Column INSTRUCTIONS:
  1. Switch to The DB2Night Show Replays Blog (You're currently in the NEWS blog). CLICK HERE to switch (after you've studied the rest of the instructions below).

  2. In the Search text box in the far right column, type something like "indexes", "V11", or "optimizer", then click the Search button. Search results are displayed for all blogs having your search term in the title.

  3. No results? Want more? Change "Search in Title" to "Search in Content" and Search again.

  4. Click on any of the blogs in the search results to be taken to that particular blog.

  5. Valuable tip! icon_idea Would you like to find specific guests that have appeared on The DB2Night Show? Type their last names into the text search box! Try "Crooks", "Hornibrook", or "Baklarz". And remember to do a deep search on Content because we can't always fit the guest name into the blog title!


  1. Start by going to the Blogs home page - click Blogs on the top menu.

  2. Click on the blog that interests you.

  3. Use the Search tool in the right column. Easy as 1-2-3! Done!

The blogs on are viewed 1,000's of times daily. We hope this search capability will help you find what interests you and help you learn about DB2!

Sharing is Caring!

Please share this great news with your followers to help everyone learn more about DB2!

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