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Season #3 of The DB2Night Show™ is coming to an end, so we thought we'd provide you with an extra dose of FREE DB2 Education. June 25-29, 2012, we'll have a special focus on Data Warehousing, InfoSphere Warehouse V10.1, Netezza, and PERFORMANCE with shows every day! Here's the line up!
Season #3 of The DB2Night Show™ is coming to an end, so we thought we'd provide you with an extra dose of FREE DB2 Education. June 25-29, 2012, we'll have a special focus on Data Warehousing, InfoSphere Warehouse V10.1, Netezza, and PERFORMANCE with shows every day!

Visit The DB2Night Show™ SCHEDULE for more details and registration links. Seats in our virtual studio audience are FREE - get the chance to ask our guests questions and win prizes!

25 June 10am CDT:: Temporal Queries and Analytics in an IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Environment

This show will delve into the new Time Travel Query features of the recently released InfoSphere Warehouse and DB2 V10.1. The time travel query feature enables InfoSphere Warehouse and DB2 applications to more seamlessly leverage point in time queries to support a variety of temporal analytics, data audit, data quality and many other operations that require time-sensitive data and processing. We will explore how the function is implemented using concepts of system and business time, and we will consider several useful scenarios for time travel query in a data warehousing solution. The implications of time travel query on data model and application design will be examined as well.

26 June 2pm CDT:: Realtime Data Warehousing with InfoSphere Warehouse V10.1

This show will explore the new features in the recently released InfoSphere Warehouse V10.1 that specifically enable realtime warehousing scenarios. New features such as Continuous Data Ingest and Adaptive Compression will be introduced and described in the context of realtime warehousing and operational BI solutions. The session will dive into how each of these functions work, best practices and implications on system architecture and model design and how they compare/contrast to existing data ingest and compression features. Several high-value business scenarios will be described to demonstrate the value of these new features.

27 June 10am CDT:: InfoSphere Warehouse V10.1 Performance Enhancements

The recently released InfoSphere Warehouse (and DB2) V10.1 introduced a number of core engine enhancements that, in particular, accelerate the performance of data warehouse queries, especially in an operational warehousing environment. This session will dive into several of the key features for data warehouse performance in turn, including:

In aggregate, the performance improvements derived from these new features enables InfoSphere Warehouse V10.1 to run up to 3 times faster, to more readily meet enterprise ELAs and to generally do more processing with less resources, allowing InfoSphere Warehouse to provide an enhanced return on investment.

28 June 10am CDT:: High Performance Analytical Data Warehouse using IBM Netezza Appliance 1000 - Best Practices

The IBM Netezza 1000 Appliance is purpose built to support very high performance analytical workloads on the relational data warehouse. The 10+ year history of the Netezza Appliance (previously known as TwinFin) has repeatedly demonstrated the superiority of the Netezza appliance parallel processing architecture for processing analytic workloads. In addition to the shared-nothing parallel processing architecture at the foundation of the Netezza appliance, there are also a number of performance features that further enhance query performance. This session will dig down into several of these key features and describe industry-proven best practices to get the best possible performance out of your IBM Netezza appliance data warehouse. Topics that will be covered include best practices for the following areas:

The discussion will cover practical usage and guidelines for best results and optimal query performance.

29 June 10am CDT:: Season #3 Finale! Reducing CPU and I/O Consumption!

Our Season #3 will end with a terrific presentation on reducing CPU and I/O utilization in DB2 LUW while concurrently achieving performance gains! Our special guest will be Andrew Endicott, DBA Manager at Cardinal Health.

Andrew, with a bit of assistance from your host, Scott Hayes, will talk about Cardinal Health's methodology and process for tuning their DB2 LUW systems, and share some of their many successes. You will hear how hardware upgrades were avoided while delivering better service to end users.

Enjoy Summer 2012

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