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Introducing DBI and our Db2 Performance Tools

On this and the pages that follow, we'll share with you a bit of information about DBI, our "secret" ingredients that make DBI unique in the tools market, our automated methodology for fast results, some short demo videos that you can watch at your discretion, competitive advantages, and suggested next steps. As is typical of DBI and our commitment to the Db2 community, we've sprinkled these pages with Db2 tips, advice, and education. Thank you for visiting and learning about our Db2 tools, and we look forward to welcoming you to our DBI family of customers.

May we intrigue you?


For the past four consecutive years, Database Trends and Applications Magazine (DBTA) has honored DBI pureFeat as one of its "Top 100 Trend Setting Products". Further, DBI Software has also been recognized by DBTA as one of the "Top 100 Companies That Matter Most in Data" several years in a row.


DBI Software consistently maintains a 98%+ year-over-year customer maintenance retention rate, and customer support satisfaction surveys indicate that 100% of DBI's customers are either "Very Likely" or "Likely" to recommend DBI pureFeat to their friends and peers.


As publicly documented by DBI's many published Customer Success Stories, several top retailers, banks, insurers, manufacturers, health organizations, large government organizations, and others rely on DBI pureFeat to consistently achieve outstanding Db2 LUW performance results at minimized operational costs. And, because DBI pureFeat has been and is so successful, this has enabled DBI Software to generously give back to the Db2 community via IDUG education and sponsorships, and edutainment via The DB2Night Show --- which has provided over $30,000,000 worth of free education to the worldwide Db2 community since 2009.

The Secret Ingredients

So, what makes DBI pureFeat so successful? We believe there are several contributing factors, but first and foremost is DBI's culture of being helpful which drives our product innovations, inspires our passion for exceptional service, and champions our contributions to the DB2 community. Combine these factors with simplicity, the lowest overhead in the market, and consistently achieved great results in minutes, and DBI's pureFeat easily wins the hearts of DBAs who use it.
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