DB2's GOT TALENT Captures more Rave Reviews!

Posted by Scott on March 21, 2013, 5:15 pm
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DB2's GOT TALENT on The DB2Night Show™ is ROCKING the DB2 World! Newspapers are publishing stories!. Here's what people are saying...
DB2's GOT TALENT on The DB2Night Show™ is ROCKING the DB2 World! Newspapers are publishing stories!. Here's what people are saying...

Comments from DB2's GOT TALENT Voters

Excellent work Mohan, you rock as always!

I loved Mohan slides and the content... brilliant job!

Mohan and I worked on the ISAS 5600 solution, I admire Mohan for his skills and his vision for BI.

Well done Mohan, Keep up the great work.

I know Mohan pretty well, he is working with me on ISAS project. He has extremely good knowledge in DB2 and the BI system integrations. Well done Mohan and Hats off to Scott for hosting fantastic shows.


eric is great

To avoid "the friends effect" , I suggest that for the final vote you mix the vote of the jury and the vote of the audience with a higher percentage for the jury who has "no friends" :)

It was great.

Mohan was Great and very factual

All were fantastic, I loved the way Mohan presented it even though it was in 180 miles speed.

You rock Mohankumar!

Excellent presentations overall, keep up the great work!

Nice presentation, well done! Thanks!

Thanks Scott for setting up an wonderful DB2 knowledge sharing platform. Hats off to you! I was pretty much impressed by Mohankumar's presentation, classic animation and a great topic. Thanks Mohankumar for your presentation. Appreciate it.

ISAS was very new to me and I gained tremendous knowledge from this session, thanks to Mohan!! Excellent Job...

Love the DB2Night Show! You continually offer great information in an entertaining way. Keep it up!

'Exploring COMPRESS for DB2 z/OS' and 'How to Migrate the DB2 9.7 database from BCU D5100 stack to ISAS 5600 V2 stack' reflects good learning stuff as well as something which has great take away to their work.

This is a great way to make professionals interested in DB2 and its advancement. Good show on this !

excellent video....

This is really a great effort.

Itīs ok!

Congratulations for Videos, Excelent information.

Nice to see new researches.

Very good show

I'm watching these shows with great pleasure. These are hours when I feel I get almost max education and max entertainment at the same time, and that really makes me feel good, motivated for studying, being a pro and doing in future smth like best presenters. One more point - 5 minutes on presentation seem more comfortable for me than 4. Thanks to Scott, Judges and Presenters! And to sponsors of course


Talented folks!!

Very good and nice initiative

Great Stuff Mohan..


Ember is very impressive!

DB2' Got Talent is an excellent forum for anyone in the business to find and hear new ways to old challenges.

Ember has great presentation skills, great people skills and great technical skills

Awesome show, learn tons every time I watch it.

Keep up the great job!

This program is great. Got to learn lots of stuff.

This competition is really interesting

I thought Ember's presentation, especially, was just outstanding.

I enjoy the show. It's a nice mix of "geek" and fun.

Great Job!!!

Very interesting the different subjects presenters choose as interesting to them.

Wow! This show has been a ride! Thanks for keeping this show going!

Quite impressed with Ember and hope to see her again.

Ember is my pick for a top notch presenter! Hooray for her, I hope she wins. Best of luck, next, to Chris.


Great concept!

Eric was really great on this show!! I loved!! He really knows how to explain things!


great !...very important and useful !

Great minds great achievements ! Everything already exists in this world...it just needs some great minds to work them out and then the whole world enjoys the benefits! Fascinating, promising, inspiring yet..achievable!

Mohan's presentation on migration to ISAS was awesome!

Good webinar.

excellent work done by sreeharsha.... just awesome....


Ember is really on top of her game. I'm sure you must be getting many exemplary comments.

Good ideas & well presented.

Rocking it will be effect full for promptest business or satisfaction under client views.........!!!!!!!!!

The presentations of Chris and Mohankumar were interesting

sessions are very informative and conceptually rich. keep it up ..

I continue to enjoy watching these presentations. In general, what a great way to share information and also a great effort from all the participants.


Not a lot to say except I hope Chris wins!

This is great platform to showcase one knowledge and expertise in DB2. Its a very enriching and informative movement.

All the episodes of DGT are full of talent, i liked most is the one presented by Mohan Kumar Saraswatipura.

Very valuable

excellent show.


Very good show.

Its is the best show to giving the best way of business &give other knowledges thank u


Excellent article.

Excellent, Mr.Mohan Kumar's performance is marvelous....Extraordinary....

Wonderful efforts

Ember is so clear and easy to understand - comfortable!

It's very very good!!!

well done.

really informative

Nice show.Excellent presenters.

All goes GREAT !!!

What a great way to get more people involved in the DB2 world.

I Personally know both Chris and Ember, One is a DB2 powerhouse (Ember)and the other is the upcoming one (Chris) i have thoroughly enjoyed there presentation and boy they don't fail to amaze me,they make me realize that i need to pull up my socks even to come near them.. Kohli

Love the show Scott. Congratulations!

Awesome show ! Awesome Ppl !

Wonderful. I learn a lot from each presentation. I would not like to be in the shoes of the judges. It must be difficult to have to eliminate any of these contestants!

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