The Airlines LOST my Luggage and I'm HAPPY about it!

Sometimes bad things happen and it wasn't your fault, but how you choose to respond can make all of the difference! And I still love Delta Airlines!

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"Good News" from the bank I love to hate...

I am looking at my Wells Fargo bank statement. I kid you not, it reads:

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They're kidding right? They want to earn business writing resumes?

I found this ad on LinkedIn:
Resume Edge Ad How do you spell receive?

If ever there was a document that needs to be perfect in every way, it better be your resume, and every word needs to be spelled correctly with excellent grammar. If you don't have enough attention to detail to create a perfect resume, there's only one file that your resume is headed towards: the circular file.

And these people want to earn your business by writing a resume for you? That's comical.

Enjoy your day, Scott

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