More Waste Elimination

My "30 Day Adventure" has ended, but with mixed success. It was difficult and sometimes impossible to find 30 extra minutes in each day for a brisk walk or run. Black coffee first thing in the morning was dreadful, so I added skim milk instead of 2%. I did have a few drinks to celebrate special occasions, but for the most part I successfully avoided beer. I have made friends with Quaker oatmeal. Overall, I managed to lose about 15 LBS since the start of the year. I plan to continue my pursuit of a better diet and exercise, for I'd still like to weigh around 185.

In other news, I am rather excited about a DB2 LUW Performance Tuning Science Project that I just completed. Readers of my personal blog have the good fortune of learning about my findings first.

IBM is kicking off a Smarter Planet initiative. Let's have a look at how a little bit of DB2 performance tuning can have a substantial impact on your organization. Watch this short 9 minute video:

As you hopefully saw, Database Performance Management plays a pivotal role in achieving GREEN IT and IT Cost Optimization Initiatives. By adding "the right" missing index, response times tumbled from 6-9 seconds to sub-second, CPU utilization dropped from 100% down to 5-15%, and Power consumption dropped by 7%.

DBI provides the tools you need to identify "the right" indexes so that you can be an IT Cost Optimization Hero within your organization. For Oracle professionals, check out Brother-Owl, and for DB2 LUW professionals, check out Brother-Panther®.

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