Have you seen our ad in DB2 Magazine Q1 2006?

Check out page 69 of DB2 Magazine, Q1 2006 issue. You'll find our ad that introduces DBI's industry unique solution for DB2 UDB auditing and SOX compliance.

Brother-WatchDog unmasks otherwise anonymous Web End Users so you can audit end user activities within valuable corporate databases. In addition, Brother-WatchDog also audits local users, client users, DBAs, SYSADMs, power users, security failures, security changes, object changes (create, alter, drop), and more.

All of this valuable audit data is hardened with "tamper evident seals" (digital signatures) so that auditors and management alike can have confidence that the data hasn't been tampered with. Forensic research is made easy by a simple "Google(R) like" search interface with robust query and reporting capabilities.

Learn more at www.database-brothers.com/brother-watchdog.php

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