With all the humility I can muster

Did you ever have a day where you wanted to hide in a closet and cry?

We put weeks of effort into planning our launch of "DBI Bid" where customers can name their own price and terms for software license procurement. We even "upgraded" our web site infrastructure.

The big press release hit at 1am EDT earlier this morning for distribution around the globe. Much to our chagrin, around 9am EDT our web site tanked. Too many hours later, our provider got us back online.

I guess this is what is meant by "bleeding edge". When you innovate and you do things that capture the world's attention, I suppose it is probable that you take a beating along the journey.

No matter how hard it is being a trail blazer when it comes to helping IT organizations lower their costs AND simultaneously improving business performance, we will be relentless in our pursuit of being helpful. So, please pardon our occassional imperfections. We will emerge from each growing pain a little stronger.

With best regards,

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