Winning the Race Against Time

For a new year's resolution this year, I set the goal that I would (finally) run in my first 5K race. I enjoy running, and the rush that you get when you are finished. I won't ever set any world records or anything, but, like any performance guy, I do enjoy the challenge of continuously improving my best times.

Back in January, I was pleased to complete 3.1 miles in a little under 40 minutes. Heck, just making it to my virtual finish line was a thrill. I understand that improving performance is a process of continuous, disciplined improvement, so I kept at it. Some weeks I ran 3-4 miles two to three times per week, and other weeks I completed much longer runs of 6-10 miles during a single DVD movie (yes, I've got a DVD LCD TV in front of my treadmill). By mid-April, I had my 5K time down to about 34 minutes.

On April 28th, I participated in the Texas Round Up 5K/10K race in Austin. Wow, what a thrill that was. To see all of those runners and feel all of the energy was simply awesome. It took a whole minute just to get across the starting line, and then I was off! The first 1K was easy - it was on a slight grade downhill. What goes down, must come up - or something like that, so the last half of the race definitely challenged my willpower and perseverance. I am pleased to report that I crossed the finish line with a time of 32 minutes and 15 seconds - my personal best this year!

And so it is, too, with the challenge of continuously improving response times and performance of our business databases. It is an iterative process that requires skills, tools, and perseverance over time.

Next week is the 19th Annual IDUG North American Conference. Remarkably, I have been to them all, and been a speaker since 1996. I look forward to renewing and refreshing old friendships and making new friends. This year DBI is unveiling some new distributed database performance solutions that will have features and capabilities unlike DBAs have ever seen before. I look forward to showing you how Brother-Panther™ can help you Hunt Performance Problems with Speed and Agility. Brother-Thoroughbred™ will help you Win the Race Against Time by accurately identifying accountability for response times, resource bottlenecks, and service level attainments. And, of course, our Brother-Eagle™ database monitoring solution for DB2 LUW and Oracle is still soaring high and stalking the world's databases for performance improvement prey.

I look forward to seeing you at IDUG. Look me up if you'd like to go for a run.

Cheers, Scott

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