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Pressing Problems? Pronto Solutions!

January 25, 2015, 8:43 pm
Posted by Lacy in Productivity
Pressing Problems? Pronto Solutions! By Scott Hayes, President and Founder, DBI Software

If your database is sick, your organization is unhealthy, your customers are unhappy, and your reputation suffers. Three wrongs don't make a Right! But one Right solution, like bringing in DBI software, can make all the difference in your database world.

It’s Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. Soon it will be Cyber Monday, another huge day for sales for your company. You' are gearing up for a great year, expecting sales to put you in the black, when you get that call. The website is crawling—orders aren’t processing. In fact, all systems have slowed to a crawl because something is radically wrong with your database—it just can’t keep up with the demand. Business is at a standstill—but customers aren’t—they’re going elsewhere. You’re about to kiss those sales goodbye. What do you do?

This scenario is repeated in businesses large and small—not just on Black Friday—but every day. One celebrity Tweet can spike your stock price—and tank your database. What’s behind this kind of failure? What’s the principle behind the problem? The answer is simple, and one you must keep in mind as you seek to understand—and rapidly solve—the problem: if your database is sick, your organization is unhealthy, your customers are unhappy, and your reputation suffers.

When your database is in a business-threatening slowdown, you’re not always going to get word from your IT team first. You might get a troubling report from customer service, then e-commerce, then from your social media team, or alarming metrics from the sales department. Sometimes—even with the best IT teams, their inclination is to trust their systems, and doubt the reports.

So, by the time the problem has reverberated through the system, and by the time IT admits that there is a problem, and by the time it percolates through the system to you, you know that you have a serious problem on your hands. But you’ve got a strong team, and you trained them well: “Don’t come to me with problems—come to me with solutions.” So here are the wrong solutions they will bring you, and the right solution you should insist on.

The Wrong Solutions

Wrong solution #1: your team is using the free performance-tuning tools provided by the vendor. They add significant overhead and you won’t get the insights you need to make positively-impactful improvements.
Wrong solution #2: your team called the vendor and they are sending a consultant. This person will take a week, cost $15,000, and achieve a 1%–2% improvement.
Wrong solution #3: your team recommends buying more non-returnable CPUs, more non-returnable memory, and more non-returnable licenses. You will spend millions (which is always fun to explain to the board), not deal with the underlying problem, and kick the can down the road.

Oh and by the way, each of these wrong solutions takes the time that you absolutely don’t have.

The Right Solution

Bring in DBI Software and take the free 15-Second Challenge. In 15 seconds, our patented, award-winning systems will tell us exactly where the problem is, and if you give us the greenlight, we typically have the problem fixed in two hours or less. We don’t get commissions on hardware and software, we don’t bill by the hour, and we’re dramatically less expensive than paying for more hardware and software.

As the principal of a growing company, I sit where you sit, and my goal is to help by giving you great information to help you make great decisions as you build a great business. Give us a call or send us and email, we’re here to help.

What You Must Know

If your database is sick
Your organization is unhealthy
Your customers are unhappy, and
Your reputation suffers.

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