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May 5, 2015, 3:00 am
Posted by Lacy in Performance
Audacity By Scott Hayes, President and Founder, DBI Software
I’m in the audacity business - and if you really want to make a difference, you need to be too.

My line of work is probably very different from yours. I’m in the database optimization business. I’m immersed in a sea of acronyms and jargon. I speak fluent DB2 LUW, go to IDUG, ISSA and ISACA, and dream about things like Oracle performance and distributed systems. You don’t need to know any of this stuff, but what you do need to know is this: what I’m really in is the audacity business—and if you really want to make a difference, you need to be too.
We make some audacious claims, like:
  • We can diagnose database problems in 15 seconds or less when it takes highly-trained consultants weeks to do the same.
  • We can solve your database problem in four hours when it takes a vast multinational corporation with virtually unlimited resources months to achieve anything remotely similar.
  • We can turn around problems so thoroughly, that far from needing to purchase millions of dollars of equipment to solve a problem, companies discover that the equipment they already have is more than enough for their present and future needs.
Now because of these claims, we get pegged by some for being arrogant. I was at an international DB2 research conference once to give a presentation, and I heard that there was a guy in the audience from a certain multinational corporation who remarked to someone else, “That Scott Hayes, he’s kind of arrogant. He’s full of himself.”

But that guy missed the point. You see, our audacity comes from caring so much about our customers and their needs that we do more, try more, and risk more. We’re unapologetically passionate about helping people and getting results. And the tools we’ve built allow us to do that every single time. There’s no feeling quite like attempting and accomplishing great things to help others—in our case, our customers. And anyway, as the philosopher king Bum Phillips once said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you done it.”

What are you doing to attempt and accomplish great things for your customers?

What You Must Know
Audacity comes from caring enough to attempt and accomplish great things.

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