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German Beer “1”, IBM DB2 “0”

December 22, 2015, 12:01 am
Posted by Lacy in ROI
German Beer “1”, IBM DB2 “0”

By Scott Hayes, President and Founder, DBI Software

Our value proposition speaks for itself. At DBI, we could ask the rare potential customer who doesn’t go with us, “Which part did you hate the most: the higher speed or the lower cost?”

We don’t lose many prospects.
After all,

  • Our software is patented and award-winning
  • Our price is cheaper than the competition—and vastly lower than purchasing additional CPUs, memory, and database licenses
  • Our company is built on helpfulness

Our value proposition speaks for itself. As James Carville (whose politics I have little in common with) famously cracked to critics of the Clinton administration, “Which part did you hate the most: the peace or the prosperity?” At DBI, we could ask the rare potential customer who doesn’t go with us, “Which part did you hate the most: the higher speed or the lower cost?”

But occasionally a customer chooses a different way. A while back, we were close to closing a major company in the sanitation chemicals business. They were running an IBM DB2 database with SAP. They took our 15-Second Challenge, and we immediately saw all kinds of opportunities to fix problems. Their database team was motivated to work with us to solve their increasingly acute performance pain.

But simultaneous to our efforts, SAP in Germany invited a number of their senior executives to Germany for golfing, German beer, and the kind of schmoozing that causes many business executives to take their eye off of the ball. Those executives came back from Germany with SAP’s Hana database sparkling in their eyes. As a result, these executives kicked IBM DB2 to the curb, and we both lost a customer.

I don’t know whether the executives at this company were less mindful of their responsibility to their shareholders than most, or simply more mindful of German beer. But I do know that when IBM’s “performance enhancement” tools slow down the database and box companies into paying hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in additional consulting, CPUs, memory, and licenses, the companies might just get angry about it.  I do know that SAP’s Cockpit further exacerbates the frustration by providing inadequate performance tuning information.  All of this fuels anger and dissatisfaction leading to willingness to abandon a multi-million dollar investment. Executives become angry enough to take a gamble that a new database will work better than the old one. Angry enough to spend millions of dollars that they don’t need to spend.

But keep this in mind: angry people don’t make good decisions.

So if you’re among the angry ones, know that there’s another way. A way that gets the most out of your IBM DB2 investment. A way that doesn’t require the purchase of additional, non-returnable hardware and software. A way that will make your database do more, faster than ever before. It’s the way that PrimeSource found. Read this case study, and then give us a call. Don’t get mad—get fast.

What You Need to Know

Angry people do stupid things. German beer doesn’t help.

If your IBM DB2 LUW database isn’t keeping up with performance demands, or if you’ve just been handed an emergency purchase request for CPUs and memory—or you want to prevent this from happening in the first place—contact us. We’ll diagnose any database problems for free in about 15 seconds, solve a problem in two hours or less, and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in CPU’s, memory, licenses, consulting fees, and wasted time. Frankly, we’re not very popular with hardware and database license vendors, but your CFO, shareholders, and customers will love us.

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