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The Cloud Penalizes the Stupid and Inefficient

August 2, 2016, 1:46 pm
Posted by Lacy in Productivity
The Cloud Penalizes the Stupid and Inefficient By Scott Hayes, President and Founder, DBI Software

“The cloud penalizes the stupid and inefficient.” These words, stopped me in my tracks - and they should do the same for you as an executive leader.

“The cloud penalizes the stupid and inefficient.” These words, spoken over a couple of beers at the 2015 IDUG DB2 Conference in Melbourne, Australia by a top industry executive, stopped me in my tracks - and they should do the same for you as an executive leader.

Now when I say, “the cloud,” I mean that your data is stored externally, and managed externally. Chances are your IT leadership has talked to you about it, and perhaps even persuaded you to move your databases and their management to the cloud. There are some compelling reasons on the surface to switch to a cloud-based database solution:

  1. It provides flexible capacity - if you need more computing power or more storage, you simply draw from the seemingly inexhaustible capacity available in the cloud.
  2. You can reduce the size of your IT department because the cloud service provider is managing parts of your IT systems (such as storage and operating systems).
  3. You only pay for what you use. No need to worry about paying for excess CPUs, memory, and licenses that are underutilized. That sounds like a benefit, doesn’t it? Well, it might not be a benefit for reasons described below.

But here’s what you need to think very carefully about before moving to an external cloud-based data system:

  1. Your data isn’t as safe as you think it is from mechanical failure. This headline from CNN Money says it all: “Google loses data after lightning strikes.” Now Google reported that “less than 0.000001% of its Western Europe permanent disk space was lost,” but what if that was your data?
  2. You don’t know where your data is stored. Cloud vendors tout their multiple data centers as a virtue, but depending on where the data is stored, you might come to exactly the opposite conclusion.
  3. You don’t know who is working on your database systems, or where they are located. If you’re at all concerned about security, the hairs on the back of your neck should have just gone up.
  4. You pay for all that you use. You see - abundance leads to apathy in most areas of life. And since your database continues to be fast, you don’t pay attention to inefficient indexing and other database issues, you just consume more and more cloud resources to compensate for your progressively dysfunctional database. It’s the equivalent of congestive heart failure - your heart gets bigger and bigger to keep up until it fails. In the database world, your cloud bill gets bigger and bigger until your profit margin evaporates.
So what is the best, most secure, most economical solution?  We suggest hosting  your IBM DB2 LUW databases internally, and use DBI’s patented, award-winning software to get the most out of them - saving money, saving time, mitigating security risks, and maintaining greater control.  If you are compelled to use external cloud resources, performance tuning for efficiency with DBI is even more important --- or you will pay too much!

What You Must Know

The cloud can be a smokescreen to grab your profits if you let it.

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